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Faction Cross Country Carnival 2019

In week five, the children from Years 3 – 6 ventured to Hyde Park for their annual Faction Cross Country Carnival. Every child tried their best and showed wonderful sportsmanship. A special mention must go out to the students who have been attending the early morning training sessions; your training paid off. Well done to Taylor, the winning faction on the day! I would like to thank the children for the effort they showed, the Sacred Heart staff for their support, the Year 6 students for their leadership, and the parent helpers for giving up their time to support our community.

The results for the day were as follows:

1st Taylor – 80
2nd Lee – 81
3rd Hewitt – 83
4th Henley – 91

Champion Girls & Boys

Year Girls Boys

1st -Isabella Nugent

2nd -Lily Grondal

3rd-Zya Ollandezos

4th Amelie Hogg

5th Jamillah Avedikian

1st– Nate Cass

2nd -Chess Alford

3rd– Ethan Kingsbury

4th– Nate D’Costa

5th– Matthew Campbell



1st– Anais Baptista

2nd– Lucia Jonescu

3rd– Jessica Boyes

4th– Sienna Quinn

5th– Lily Priolo

1st– Atlas Schapper

2nd– Seth Burata

3rd– Zane Padiyar

4th– Rhys Nillsen

5th– Orlando Wu



1st– Amelia Grondal

2nd– Lyla Stewart

3rd– Kassandra Avedikian

4th– Amy Murphy

5th– Ruby Van Vliet


1st– Dane Thomson

2nd– Akira Crampton

3rd– Denzel Wibowo

4th– James Koroll

5th– Edison Bui



1st– Isla Baptista

2nd– Natalia Milic

3rd– Sophie Le

4th– Chelsea Hardegen

5th– Elise Perlini


1st– Luke Nillsen

2nd– Frankie Demarte

3rd– Yeshua Badayos

4th– Blake Arnold

5th– Benjamin Nguyen



Congratulations to all of the children who competed at the Carnival. Your enthusiasm, effort and sportsmanship were fantastic

Interschool Cross Country Carnival 2019

This week our Interschool Cross Country squad travelled to Dianella Regional Open Space to run against the other schools in our region. Each child represented the school with pride and they should all be commended for their efforts. Congratulations to the Team, Sacred Heart finished 7th. A special congratulations goes to our top ten finishers: Isabella Nugent (1st), Lily Grondal (3rd), Lyla Stewart (2nd) and Isla Baptista (6th). A special thank you must also go to the parent volunteers who steered the children down the right path on the day.

Winter Lightning Carnival 2019

Once again, our Year 5 and 6 children will be competing in Football, Soccer and Netball against other schools in our Association. This Carnival will be held on Friday 21st of June with Netball at Matthews Netball Centre and Football and Soccer at the surrounding grounds. The children have already chosen their sports and have been preparing for the day. A permission slip has been sent home. Please return the signed notes to your classroom teacher as soon as possible. Good luck to our sportsmen and sportswomen!

Miss Kate Witkowski (Physical Education Teacher)

Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817

Newsletter 14th June 2019 Term 2, Week 7