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Principal News Term 1, Week 8

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our eighth week of Term One- What a wonderful performance we were all treated to this morning, as the Year Four class brought to the stage, their everyone “Bee-longs Assembly!” focusing on inclusivity during Harmony Week. The Year Four class were outstanding in their presentation, and their performance was one which made Ms Byrne-King, Mrs Adair and their parents very proud! I hope that everyone enjoys the photos in today’s newsletter, capturing their skills and capabilities. The children were “un-bee-lievable!”

Class Sport today saw our  Year 3-6 children working on fundamental movement and soccer skills with a representative of Perth Glory. During their class sports sessions.  Perhaps some budding soccer players are going to be identified by their talent scouts, and Sacred Heart may need to revisit their school colours to include purple instead of royal blue! Thank you to Miss Witkowski for co-ordinating this super opportunity for our boys and girls.

Our happy Year Six campers returned from Camp last week, feeling no doubt, tired but energised for the demands of leadership and role modelling, as they continue as the leaders of 2023. They have also been presented with their new Leavers Shirts, and at Assembly today, a wonderful compilation of their camp adventures was presented to all. Thank you to Mrs Saraceni, Mrs  Southern and Mrs Perlini for their dedication and many hours of preparation that saw Camp 2023, be such a successful adventure.

Catholic Identity

Our focus this week has been on the sacramental preparations that our Year Three children are undertaking this term, during the Lenten season. Their wonderful Penance Retreat was conducted on Tuesday, and together with their parents, our boys and girls completed their Penance Family Workshop on Thursday evening, exploring how their choices can at times, affect harmony within their family, and with their friends.  Our children worked co-operatively, and next week on Thursday 30th March, will gather in the Sacred Heart Church at 6.00 pm, to complete their first celebration of this special Sacrament of healing. Special thanks are extended to Miss Gullotto and our Sacred Heart staff, together with Father Mark, for their support of the children during this important milestone in their faith journey.


Next week, on Friday 31st March, our selected swimmers will represent Sacred Heart at the 2023 Interschool Swimming Carnival. As a school, we are very grateful for the support we have received from many of our parents and we thank them for their efforts to support our coaching sessions that have been secured for the 2023 Interschool Swim Squad Swimming Training on Mondays from 7.15 am.  Parents are reminded that the decision for Interschool swimmers to return to school in their Sports Uniforms has been made, to assist with ease and punctuality.  The Interschool team was acknowledged at Assembly today, and their swimming caps and bathers will accompany them home this week for the Carnival on Friday. Thank you once again to Miss Witkowski for her organisation and hard work behind the scenes.

Uniform- It has been very pleasing to see many of our boys and girls wearing their Summer and Sports uniforms with pride in this first term.  We have recently received the sample of the winter pants that will be added to choices for our girls, and this item appears on the online order form as a special item. In addition, parents will also have the option of nominating (for an additional charge), a delivery option when placing their orders for Winter stock. As we have just six weeks now, until all children will need to be in their full Winter Uniform for Terms Two and Three, parents are urged to place their orders now and not later, as stock seems to be moving very quickly.

Students are expected to be correctly attired in a full school uniform at school, and whilst travelling to and from school. Uniforms must be clean, well-pressed and in good condition, and school shoes are expected to be polished.  Our founding Sisters were determined to provide a school uniform. This instils a sense of pride in boys and girls, fosters equality, and ensures our students are readily identifiable as belonging to Sacred Heart.

In the event that a particular medical condition may dictate any variation to any of the school uniform items, parents are asked to schedule an appointment with the School Principal, as a matter of courtesy and urgency, to discuss this situation.  Parents are asked to provide any supporting documentation at such a meeting.


P and F Committee Meeting for March took place this week and included discussions based on the feedback received regarding the upcoming Mother’s Day event plans.  All of this year’s ventures will, of course, be dependent on the level of participation and support we receive from our parent community, and I’m sure you will all be poised to contribute and work together to ensure we have much to celebrate and enjoy! I’m sure everyone was happy to receive information about the planned Easter Hat Parade, the current tickets for this year’s Easter Raffle, and the very successful Book Sale that saw some well-loved but decommissioned library books seek a new home for just a gold coin!

I was approached by our Year Six students this week, with a wonderful commercial venture proposal that they would like to instigate. They had also prepared a well-presented business case! The senior students would like to run an icy pole stall on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime and direct their profits to Caritas and Project Compassion. I’m sure our boys and girls in Years 1-6 will enjoy the opportunity to visit the canteen window with their gold coin, and “enjoy a refreshingly cool treat!” for the remainder of this term whilst the weather is still warm.


The work of the Sacred Heart School Advisory Council (formerly known as the Sacred Heart Primary School Board) continues, with its particular focus on our financial management being an important part of this new school year. In addition, the review of marketing our school with a particular interest in both securing and maintaining enrolments, is set to continue as a focus area this year.

Decisions regarding additional Open Days targeted Social Media campaigns celebrating our students’ achievements and learning opportunities, together with advertising the opportunity for Catholic children to seek sacramental preparation and possibly enrolment at our school, are current focus areas. As a Council, we are also considering the provision of rental space for external intervention therapists who may be servicing Sacred Heart students, to ensure sessions such as speech and occupational therapy, may be able to be conducted on our school site.

All current families have received their 2023 School Fee Payment plans, and Mrs Linda Robertson, School Finance Officer can assist with any financial enquiries. Please ensure an appointment has been scheduled with me, if your family has commenced the 2023 school year, with outstanding 2022 Fee commitments.  Those families who have not yet responded to their 2023 payment plan requests, will be contacted directly.


In closing,  can I ask for everyone’s continued focus on preparations that see our children well-supported as they approach each day of their learning?

As we approach the last weeks of our first term and the celebrations of Holy Week during Week Ten,  and then Easter, parents are encouraged to join us for the special Stations of the Cross Liturgy planned for Thursday 6th April at 9.00 am in the School Hall.

Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817

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