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Principal News Term 1, Week 6

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Six of Term One- What a wonderful performance we were all treated to this morning, at the first of the 2023 Assembly items! The Year Two class were outstanding in their poetic rendition of how a box of crayons needs to all get along, despite their differences, and concluded with a pitch perfect version of Count on Me, with Mr Fragomeni starring with a guitar solo! It has certainly set an excellent standard for us all, and I’m sure any future performances will try hard to meet the standard!  Please enjoy the photo of our students at the Assembly this morning,  and also, the photos that captured our cheque presentation from Bradken, via Mr Ryan Bowen.

This presentation to our school of the sponsorship we have secured from Bradken, to pursue our STEM resources and Professional learning opportunities within our CEWA system, was very welcome, and we’re exceptionally grateful for their support.

Catholic Identity

As we continue in Lent, and approach the upcoming season of Easter within our Church, we are reminded of how quickly the weeks here at school are progressing.  Our senior students are preparing for their leadership camp next week and will experience the opportunity to plan a special liturgy of thanksgiving and gratitude.  Father Mark hopes to join us for one of our special evening meals as we embrace all the fabulous learning and opportunities that Camp provides.


A wonderful day for our students in Years 3-6 was enjoyed yesterday as the 2023 Faction Swimming Carnival was conducted at Beatty Park Pool. As a school, we were particularly grateful to the many parents and grandparents who assisted on deck, and as “in the water support” for our students, ensuring everyone’s safety and a level of support for us as staff. It was a wonderful day, and the first competitive opportunity for our Year Three students to enjoy the Pool. Once again, this year saw Championships and Runners-up awarded to our swimmers, with children having the opportunity to gain points from events across all strokes.

A special thank you and acknowledgement is extended to Miss Kate Witkowski for the coordination of the Carnival- her efforts are greatly appreciated by staff, students and parents.  Despite her inability to join us yesterday due to illness, the day ran so very smoothly, because her organisation and delegation had been so thorough!

As a school, we are very grateful for the support we received from the many parents who kindly offered their services this year at the Carnival, and we thank parents also for their efforts to support our coaching sessions that have been secured for the 2023 Interschool Swim Squad Swimming Training on Mondays from 7.15 am.  Parents are reminded that the decision for Interschool swimmers to return to school in their Sports Uniforms has been made, to assist with ease and punctuality.

It has been very pleasing to see many of our boys and girls wearing their School and Sports uniforms with pride in this early part of the term. Students are expected to be correctly attired in full school uniform at school, and whilst travelling to and from school. Uniforms must be clean, well-pressed and in good condition, and school shoes are expected to be polished.  Our founding Sisters were determined to provide a school uniform, as this instils a sense of pride in boys and girls, fosters equality, and ensures our students are readily identifiable as belonging to Sacred Heart.

In the event that a medical condition may dictate any variation to any of the school uniform items, parents are asked to schedule an appointment with the School Principal, as a matter of courtesy and urgency, to discuss this situation.  Parents are asked to provide any supporting documentation at such a meeting.

Next week, sees the 2023 National Assessment Program –Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) undertaken by the majority of our Year 3 and Year 5 students. NAPLAN is an annual national assessment of students in Years 3,5,7 and 9. The majority of students are expected to participate in the testing when they will be assessed in language conventions, (spelling, grammar and punctuation), writing, reading and numeracy. The test results provide a snapshot of a student’s achievement in comparison to all students of the same year level across the country. They assist teachers in better identifying students who require additional support or enrichment and enable schools to identify strengths and weaknesses in teaching programmes. 2023 is the first year that will see NAPLAN take place in Term One.


I am compelled at this time of the term, to remind us all of the busyness and challenges that the beginning and end of the school day present to all, and once again, remind parents, particularly of our younger students, that all playgrounds, including the Oval, are out of bounds both before and at the conclusion of the school day.

Parents are reminded that our children are not permitted to bring their own sports equipment to school for play and use. The benefits of play and activity cannot be discounted, and with this in mind, perhaps parents may consider an organised walk after school for a picnic afternoon tea and a play at the very beautiful Hyde Park.  The continued good weather during this Autumn makes for a perfect opportunity to enjoy family time.

Additionally, all parents are asked to remember the need to be punctual in commencing the school day. Children can become very anxious if they habitually arrive late and rushed, to discover their classroom is already settled and underway.  Classes PP- 6 commence promptly at 8.40 am. Arrivals after this time will need to be through the School Office and students signed in.

The P and F Meeting this month scheduled for Wednesday 22nd March at 7.00 pm, will include plans for the 2023 events, the allocation of classes to particular events, clarification of the Class/Parent Rep roles, and information regarding planned commitments of P and F funds. Plans continue for this year’s P and F Association events, and we look forward to further information being made available in the coming weeks. All of this year’s ventures will of course, be dependent on the level of participation and support we receive from our parent community, and I’m sure you will all be poised to contribute and work together to ensure we have much to celebrate and enjoy.

We have prepared information and support materials for this year’s 2023 P and F Class Representatives, in an effort to provide clear information about the role and its importance to ensuring our school is a place of welcome, and that the opportunity to share giftedness here is always present. It is outlined below.

The aim of the Class Representative is to contribute to the strong community spirit already evident in our school, by building friendships and offering support to all families.

The Role of the Class Representative

  • Provide a welcoming face to new and existing families that will assist in building stronger connections within the school community e.g. encouraging year group attendance at key social events. that will assist in building stronger connections within the school community e.g. encouraging year group attendance at key social events.
  • Monitor year group social pages and chat groups, and encourage parents to contact the school for any issues raised, or direct parents to the relevant information via Seesaw, the School Newsletter, the School Office or School website.
  • Seek approval from the School Principal, to create any social media groups with the School’s name-ie, Sacred Heart Primary SchoolHighgate, or SHPSH in a group’s title. This approval will be granted on the condition that the School’s Social Media Policy guidelines are understood and agreed upon.
  • Attend the monthly P&F Association Meetings, (usually the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7.00 pm) and feedback relevant information to other parents from within the class.
  • Facilitate an atmosphere of parents working together, for the benefit of their children
  • Manage the provided list of contact names, and email addresses for the class, via the School Office.
  • Organise class/year level “get together events”.
  • Assist staff with securing volunteers from your year to help with certain or allocated school activities, for example, Excursions, Grandparents’ events, Mother and Father’s Day Breakfasts, Retreats, Art Displays/Exhibitions
  • Assist and/or facilitate the recognition of class-specific collections.

The Personal Qualities Required of a Class Representative

  • Be able to conduct yourself in a discrete and confidential manner. At times, a Class Representative may be privy to information that is not for public knowledge.
  • Be accepting and have a non-judgmental attitude towards parents, children and staff. The Class Representative needs to be able to serve as a sound role model to the School Community as a whole. It is through their abilities and daily example as non-judgemental, accepting Christians, that Class Representatives will facilitate an atmosphere of parents working together for the good of their children.
  • Be visibly present at school. The Class Representative needs to come into the school and classroom, and be seen and accessible. This does not need to be done daily, but a regular presence at school is necessary.

Thank you to this year’s Class Representatives who have volunteered/ accepted the invitation for this special and valued role this year.

2023 Parents & Friends Association Class Representatives  
Pre-Kindy Alana Blakiston
Kindy Ryan Bowen
Kindy Junmei Chen
Pre-primary Laura Bocchio Ramazio
Pre-primary Amanda Gell
Year 1 Kristl Alphonso
Year 1 Emma Ainsworth
Year 2 TBC  
Year 3 Sigrid McLachlan
Year 3 Melissa Vinci
Year 4 Lidia Kukulj
Year 5 Arabella Selby
Year 5 Jasmine Johnson
Year 5 Ly Ngo
Year 5 Karla Gaudet
Year 6 Georgia Caceres


The work of the Sacred Heart School Advisory Council (formerly known as the Sacred Heart Primary School Board) continues, with its particular focus on our financial management being an important part of this new school year. I remind all families that the School Advisory Council’s role is one of financial planning and management, and of an advisory nature to the review of school policy, and that any operational matters or queries are not the domain of its elected members. Parents are encouraged to bring matters of query or concern in the first instance, to their class teacher, and subsequently, to me, as the School’s Principal.

Our external financial audit was undertaken this week, and the preparation of last year’s  2022 Annual Financial Statement (AFS), has been finalised. This month’s SAC meeting on Wednesday 22nd  March will see this AFS examined and endorsed. Additionally, the review of marketing our school with a particular interest in both securing and maintaining enrolments is set to continue as a focus area this year, and this area will feature prominently in the development of continued strategic directions we will pursue. We are particularly grateful to those who have signalled their desire to assist the school with this work.

All families have received their 2023 School Fee Payment plans, and Mrs Linda Robertson, School Finance Officer can assist with any financial enquiries. Please ensure an appointment has been scheduled with me, if your family has commenced the 2023 school year, with outstanding 2022 Fee commitments.


Can I call for everyone’s commitment to Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving during this Lenten period to continue. Our boys and girls hear often of the Caritas stories that outline where our small coins at project compassion time are headed to support the positive and needed work of our Church.

Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817

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