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Principal News Term 4, Week 9

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Four of this final term.

Welcome to our last week together and our final publication for the 2022 school year!

I can hardly believe that a whole school year has passed since we were welcoming you all to 2022, and now we find ourselves signing off on the last issue of the Sacred Heart Newsletter for this year. As we prepare to enjoy quality time with our families and friends over the Christmas season, may I take the opportunity to thank each and every member of staff, and all of our parents who have contributed to ensuring the success of everything our school has been involved in this year. I hope everyone enjoys the photos in today’s Newsletter of some of this past week’s special events.

What a wonderful evening we all enjoyed last Friday night when we gathered for our 2022 Concert and Prize Night -The Christmas Star on our School Oval.  We were blessed with fine and very warm weather that ensured a lovely night together, and our boys and girls produced beautiful singing and entertainment for us all to enjoy! Well done to all our staff on their efforts to ensure the story we know so well was brought to the fore, as we were reminded that Jesus is the reason for this special season!

Our 2022 Graduation Mass and Dinner was celebrated on Wednesday night and yet again, proved to be another wonderful celebration for our Year Six children, their families and friends.  The Year Five parents, albeit a small but very dedicated group, all undertook the running of the evening, and under the calm and very competent directions of this year’s co-ordinator, Mrs Georgia Caceres.  A Sacred Heart-felt thank you is extended to all the Year Five parents and in particular, Mrs Grace Versaci, Mrs Antonietta Ottobrino, Ms Franca Zaffra, Mrs Miranda Conti, and Mrs Amanda Saraceni, who all worked many long hours together to produce such a beautiful occasion, a wonderful meal, and a stunning venue for all to enjoy!  In addition, we were all treated to wonderful table service by the Year Five dads throughout the evening!

The Mt Lawley Bowling Club looked beautiful and was completely transformed with its lavish white, gold, and dark blue decorations.  I’m sure it will be a night fondly remembered by all.  Special thanks to Father Mark for his celebration of a beautiful Mass, to Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Aleisha Adair for their work in preparing our children, and of course to all our staff, past and present, who have contributed along the children’s learning journeys to such a special evening of celebration! I hope you all enjoy the photos that accompany today’s Newsletter.

Amidst all of these special events, our staff have continued with their work on preparing the Semester Two Reports. These Reports will be issued online next week, after 3.30pm on Monday 12th December. Our staff conclude the Term next Friday 16th December.

2023 Staffing Appointments and placements- We wish our staff members who will be accessing leave in 2023, or concluding their time at Sacred Heart, Mrs Marie McKenna, Ms Gabby Previti, Mrs Julia Hill, Ms Hilary Campos, Mrs Leonie Wyre, Miss Sophie Costello and Miss Alicia Fraser, all the best, as they undertake their new plans for the 2023 school year, and anticipate them visiting us often with tales of their travel and adventures over Morning Tea!

Our boys and girls have already experienced their Transition times so that they have had the opportunity to visit their new classrooms for next year, and welcome new students to their groups. I’m sure all in the Sacred Heart School Community will welcome our new students and staff members to their classes, and support them in their roles here at our school.

Today saw us commence the day with our 2022 Thanksgiving Mass at 9.00am in the Church.  This occasion gives our children the opportunity to give thanks for all the rich blessings we have enjoyed this year at Sacred Heart Primary School.

We are going to be able to distribute our wonderful 2022 Sacred Heart Year Book at the commencement of the new school year.  The Year Book represents many hours of hard work and I extend my thanks to this year’s Co-ordinator, Mrs Laura Taylor, and all our staff members who operate as the editing sub-committee. A special thank you for their efforts to produce such a wonderful celebration of our year together, and a lovely memento for all to enjoy. Our leaving families will be contacted to arrange the collection of their family copies, next year.

In closing, can I wish for you all to experience the joys of Christmas, and that these joys be present in your homes and hearts in the coming weeks.  May the summer holiday season be a time of relaxation and renewal, as we prepare for the New Year of 2023 together, and all that it promises.

I look forward to the commencement of the new school year for all students (Kindergarten-Year 6) on Wednesday 1st February in their Summer Uniform.

Many thanks and may God Bless you all,

Sacred Heart Primary School


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