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Principal News Term 2, Week 4

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Four of Term Two, and the lovely Autumn weather continues – let’s hope for a continued “freshening up” of everything as we await some more showers next week!

What an absolutely delightful gift we all enjoyed last Friday afternoon, courtesy of our hard working boys and girls and the very keen and enthusiastic Parents and Friends Association, who generously provided our calico shopping bags and fabric paints, ensuring that despite a different approach to community events at this time, our very special Mothers were recognised and acknowledged by their families.    Congratulations to all in our School Community- a fitting tribute to, and celebration of Mothers at Sacred Heart!

The coming wintery showers and cold weather brings a reminder about the need to stay warm at school- red jumpers and tracksuit tops are not optional items, and must accompany all children to school each day. The Sacred Heart Winter jacket is the only extra layer of warmth that is permitted for outdoor wear at school. These items are available at One World Uniforms in West Perth. Pease remember that beanies, gloves and scarves are not uniform items, and as such, are not permitted to be worn at school.  

Our boys and girls continue to look smart and well groomed in their Winter Uniform. As always, the first two weeks of a new term sees leniency extended to all, as time is sometimes needed to access correct winter items from our Uniform Shop provider directly (please note all orders are to be collected from One World Uniforms in West Perth).  

Thank you to those parents who have responded positively to reminders about ensuring children are wearing their correct uniform items. Please familiarise yourself with the required details regarding uniform items and necessary grooming details. In the event of an inability to provide a correct item, it is necessary for parents to communicate directly with me and your class teacher, outlining an explanation and the expected time to rectify the situation, or alternatively, a request for pastoral assistance to provide the necessary items.  

In previous editions of the School Newsletter, I wrote reminding all parents of their commitment to adhering to School Procedures and Policies. This commitment is formalised as part of the enrolment process at our school. 

“It has been very pleasing to see many of our boys and girls wearing their School and Sports uniforms with pride in this early part of the term. Students are expected to be correctly attired in full school uniform at school, and whilst travelling to and from school. Uniforms must be clean, well pressed and in good condition, and school shoes are expected to be polished.  Our founding Sisters were determined to provide a school uniform, as this instils a sense of pride in boys and girls, fosters equality, and ensures our students are readily identifiable as belonging to Sacred Heart.”

 Unfortunately, it appears that a number of families have opted to provide their children with incorrect black school shoes or tan summer sandals. The school’s Uniform and Grooming Guidelines Uniform and Grooming Guidelines is very clear about all students’ school shoes being black leather lace ups, (three days per week) and not buckle and velcro styles, or a sports jogger style in black, and any summer sandals are to be school sandals, and not tan fashion styles.  Predominantly black sports shoes are required on sports days only (two days per week). Parents are reminded to adhere to the School’s Uniform and Grooming Guidelines. If incorrect items have been purchased, these will need to be replaced with the correct items- thus ensuring fairness to all.

In the event that a medical condition may dictate any variation to any of the school uniform items, parents are asked to schedule an appointment with the School Principal, as a matter of courtesy and urgency, to discuss this situation.  Parents are asked to provide any supporting documentation at such a meeting. 


Learning from our experiences

We’re very excited about next Tuesday’s 2022 Cross Country Carnival, to be conducted at Forrest Park- Miss Witkowski has already sent information about this event to all families in Years 3-6. Our boys and girls will be walking to and from the venue, and parents are welcomed and encouraged to spectate and support their children’s efforts. Children will need to wear their Sports Uniform with their coloured Faction tops, and provide a water bottle, and also wear their school hat. I extend my thanks to those families who have taken up the opportunity to attend our before school Cross Country training this term, as we all know that “Preparation makes for positive performances!” Thank you also to our staff for their out of hours support for training sessions.


Connect Winning with Effort
Outcomes are the result of a lot of effort. Competitive players train and practice the most, and work the hardest.

Redefine Success
Athletes with a growth mindset see success as learning and improving, not just winning. Failure is necessary to build resilience.

Learn from the Competition
Teach students to compete against their past performance. Explain their most important competition is bettering self.

Create a Healthy Team Culture
Reflect on performance and the lessons learned. Openly discuss challenges and create an environment where taking risks and potentially making mistakes are encouraged. Ask players what type of team they would like to build.

Practice at Home
Being a successful athlete requires effort and commitment. Improve through personal commitment to practising at home.

Please note that Cross country training will also run next Tuesday at 7.30am, before the Carnival begins at 11.00am.

The 2022 Interschool Cross Country Carnival is scheduled for the following week on Monday May 30.  The following information is provided to all:


  1. The best competitor is to represent the school in Interschool activities
  2. Selection is made based on a combination of the outcome of the Faction event, and previous times and trial data, with the exception of a significant athlete who was absent on the day of the Faction event.
  3. The organiser has discretion to determine any other circumstances that he/she considers suitable to enable the significant athlete to be involved in further trials/training for selection.
  4. The trials/training will involve the significant athlete as described in points 2&3 and the students who would have gained a place in the interschool event, based on the result of the Faction Carnival.
  5. If a student is absent (due to illness and/or injury), the race is not rerun on their return for point allocation, but it could be rerun / trialled for selection into an Interschool Team, if the student is deemed competitive.
  6. Background information for above statement-
    If a person is absent on the day of a Faction Carnival, a race is not rerun on a student’s return for the points that accrued on that day. (It can be rerun to find the best athlete for selection purposes.)

Our newly formed 2022 School Choir continues with their practice sessions on Tuesdays at 8.30am- thank you to those children who have been punctual and keen to contribute to Choir this year with our new Music teacher, Miss Sophie Costello, as we have many special performance opportunities and entries to Performing Arts Festival planned for the year.

Next week, on 26th May, we will celebrate the commencement of National Reconciliation Week, with very poignant 2022 Sorry Day activities, stories, songs and prayers being celebrated in our Hall. Our students will once again be enlightened about the plight of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters, (The Stolen Generation) and their past suffering that was a result of government policies of the time, that saw children forcibly removed from their parents and families. Thank you to our Year Six teachers, Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Aleisha Adair, and our senior children for co-ordinating these activities within our school.

Our obligation as a school, and our “core business,” is a commitment to individualised learning, acknowledging each child’s uniqueness.  During last week, I enjoyed the real pleasure of meeting (unfortunately, at this time, it was necessary to revert to meeting via Teams due to Covid preventing any face to face gatherings),  with many parents to review Individual Education Plans (IEPs) – this opportunity for the school and parents to communicate and plan for children’s learning needs is a very necessary part of our “business” and I am very grateful for the time and efforts of parents and teachers in preparing for these meetings- it is truly one of the most enjoyable facets of my role as a school leader to experience first hand, the desires and plans of parents and teachers, for the children in our care.

Our teachers are able to make professional, informed and data driven judgements about your children’s learning needs, and with support when undertaking their learning, your children will experience a sense of success and empowerment.

Throughout their schooling, children will need to experience work that is challenging, and must learn to approach all tasks with a positive outlook, for without challenge and intervention, we invite mediocrity and miss wonderful opportunities.

Last week has seen the 2022 NAPLAN assessments in Years 3 and 5 being conducted. The nation wide online delivery of the tests this year, has been relatively smooth, save for our greatest issue this year- the many absences of children as a result of illness and Covid, and the associated isolation periods. Like many other schools in our state, these interruptions have led to Western Australia being granted an extended testing window, to ensure as many of our children as possible can complete their designated assessments.

I thank parents for their efforts to ensure the children have been well rested, nourished and prepared for the tests. These conditions will always produce the best results, and when children are supported and encouraged to do their best, but not pressured or made to feel anxious, everyone benefits.

Our staff have invested heavily in the analysis of student data, including NAPLAN results, during their Professional Learning Community meetings, and were also involved in a Data Hub workshop late last term, prior to a full day of classroom instruction, to support this work.  I acknowledge their willingness to embrace before and after school gatherings such as these, and their expertise in formulating targeted and individualised learning plans, is to be commended.

Today began with National Walk to School Safely Day, and hasn’t it been a well supported and positive experience for us all this morning!   Now in its twenty third year, National Walk Safely to School Day (WSTSD) is an annual event when all Primary School children are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. It is a Community Event seeking to promote Road Safety, Health, Public Transport and the Environment. The event was conducted throughout Australia today, Friday 20 May 2022

The objectives of WSTSD are:

  • To encourage parents and carers to walk to school with primary school age children and reinforce safe pedestrian behaviour.
  • To promote the health benefits of walking and help create regular walking habits at an early age.
  • To ensure that children up to 10 years old hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road.
  • To help children develop the vital road-crossing skills they will need as they become mature pedestrians.
  • To reduce the car dependency habits that are being created at an early age and which will be difficult to change as children become adults.
  • To promote the use of Public Transport.
  • To reduce the level of air pollution created by motor vehicles.
  • To reduce the level of traffic congestion.

WSTSD is an opportunity for parents and carers of Primary School aged children to promote safe pedestrian behaviour. It aims to inform parents and carers that they need to closely supervise their young children, particularly those under 10 years of age, in all road environments, holding hands when near or crossing the road. WSTSD promotes and informs parents, carers, teachers and children of the significant physical, mental and social health benefits which can be achieved through regular walking.

Sacred Heart is positioned in such a picturesque setting, and the chance to stroll to school together and enjoy our beautiful surrounds, was taken up by many of our families today, and will hopefully continue in coming days, before winter weather sets in!


The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents

The Parents and Friends Association is a hard working body within our School, and both their fundraising, and community building and celebrating efforts, are planned to benefit all our children and their families.  I do hope that our Class Representatives continue to reach out and connect with parents at this time, and keep everyone informed about the year’s planned events.

2022 is a very special year, as we celebrate our 125th Anniversary as a school- Sacred Heart Highgate is Western Australia’s oldest operating Catholic primary school still operating on its original site, having been established in 1897.  We have many exciting events and initiatives planned for this year, and our focus is currently on the purchase of an engraved brick to enhance our paved walkway areas Order a Brick. Looking forward, this year we will enjoy events for parents, the production of special 125th merchandise, and exciting occasions for our students, including their culmination of work this year in The Arts, with our 2022 Art Exhibition and Auction, planned for November.

This Saturday, as the Federal Election is conducted nationwide, Sacred Heart Primary School is an assigned Polling Place and will be open to the local community from 8.00am- 6.00pm, with the P and F   Association working hard to provide a Democracy Sausage Sizzle and Cake Stall, and our School Advisory Council will host an information stand, for prospective families to seek information about enrolling at our wonderful school. I’m sure families will take up the opportunity to support these ventures- our first as a Polling Place, and we anticipate sales and interest galore!  A concerted effort on our social media platforms to promote this event, and the many hours of preparation behind the scenes by our parent community is greatly appreciated!  Please join us on Saturday 21st May.

SHPSH P&F Buy-A-Brick Fundraiser is on, sales close Friday 27th May, be quick and place your order!!

Ho-Ho-Hold the date for this year’s SHPSH P&F Christmas in July Party! Details to come.

P&F Events Event Date
Federal Election Day Sausage Sizzle & Cake Stall Saturday 21st May
Buy-A-Brick Fundraiser Sales Close 27th May
Christmas in July Party Saturday 23rd July
Father’s Day Friday 2nd September
Pirate Day Monday 19th September
Art Auction Saturday 19th November, Sunday 20th November
Christmas Raffle Wednesday 7th December



Taking responsibility for the quality of our work

Sacred Heart Primary School will continue to offer a Pre Kindy (Three Year old) Class, and Kindergarten (Four Year old ) Class in 2022. In coming weeks, we continue with the 2023 Pre Kindergarten and 2023 Kindergarten Enrolment Interviews.

Three-year-old and Four-year-old education programs operate at schools as part of an education  offering. Catholic Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten programmes provide rich learning environments that cater for children’s development across the physical, cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual domains. Learning occurs through planned and spontaneous play experiences that are based on the strengths, interests and needs of each child. Each child participating in our programmes in their Catholic school, is encouraged to develop a positive self-image of themselves and others, as they begin to live the gospel message.

Parents of siblings, and those in the wider Parish community who are seeking a position in either of these classes for 2023, are encouraged to contact the School Office and submit their downloadable Enrolment Forms. Places are strictly limited to twenty students for our “Little Hearts” Pre Kindy Class, and thirty students in Kindergarten.

In prior years, our school’s budget has enabled the following to have been achieved as part of refurbishments, maintenances and capital works:-

  • Upgrades to the Terraced Garden/Play areas- roofing, limestone beds and over sized chess / draughts sets, together with the Biblical Garden plantings
  • External roofing maintenance to the main and Early Childhood Education building
  • Toilets in the Junior blocks upgraded to meet standards, and to include an adult facility for staff
  • New cabinetry to wet areas in junior classrooms, and a shared kitchen preparation space between Pre Primary and Kindergarten
  • New carpets to some classes and vinyl/ strip flooring in Junior areas
  • New flooring and carpet to the Science Room
  • Hall AV Equipment upgrade
  • Internal painting to some classrooms
  • Staff Room and Admin area / offices interior painting and carpets including stairs
  • Glazing to some classroom entrance doors for visibility
  • Staffing areas- new kitchen cabinetry/ floorcoverings to staff room
  • Glassed in withdrawal spaces- upstairs verandahs.
  • Flat screens for Apple TVs in classrooms to replace aged Interactive White Boards
  • Heritage Stained Glass Main Entrance door repairs
  • Limestone Paving in front of early childhood area
  • New disability access ramp

These items all contribute positively to the children’s learning experiences and conditions. In budgeting for any expenditure within a Catholic school, School Fees contribute to projected planned income.

The majority of our families have completed their obligations to nominate their payment plan for their 2022 School Fees, and I thank them for their commitments and also, their recent payments towards these School and Tuition Fees.  Reminders have been communicated to those families who had not completed these plans.

Fee collection is a very necessary focus for the School Advisory Council , and formal collection processes will commence, in the event of failure to make contact with me, as the School Principal, to discuss any variations to fee structures, or any circumstances that have the potential to impact on your family’s obligation to meet their outstanding 2022, and or, any overdue School Fees.


Living out the teachings of Jesus

Having met with Fr Mark this week, I am happy to be able to provide the following information about our Sacramental celebrations planned for later this year.

Next term, our Sacred Heart children in Year Four, will be preparing to celebrate that most special of sacraments, the Eucharist, (First Holy Communion) on either Sunday 7th August , at the 9.00am Mass, or Sunday 14th August at the 9.00am Mass.  Families are asked to nominate one of these celebrations.

On Tuesday 19th July at 6.00pm, the compulsory step in the preparations for this special sacrament, the  Eucharist Parent and Child Workshop will be conducted in the School Hall.

Our Eucharist candidates will participate in their Sacramental Retreat, on Thursday 28th July here at school, when they prepare  their own bread and a special liturgy, and enjoy many exciting activities that make this most special time, memorable for them.

Father Mark has also planned an additional celebration of the sacrament of First Eucharist for those Catholic students who do not attend Sacred Heart Primary School. Details of this and the after school preparation classes can be obtained from the Sacred Heart parish secretary, Mrs Rosalia Carbone 9328 3433.

The Sacrament of Confirmation for our senior Year Six students is planned for Saturday 20th August and will be celebrated by the Rev Peter Whitely, Vicar General of the Perth Archdiocese.

A special welcome is extended to our new student, Davyd in Pre Primary who joins the Sacred Heart Community from Ukraine. I’m sure our school community will rally to support Davyd and his family as they settle in.

In closing, can I ask of everyone, special prayers for those in need from our Sacred Heart Community. 

I thank everyone for their continued efforts to contribute to all that is our Sacred Heart community! When we combine our strengths and talents, we are able to provide a wonderful education experience for our boys and girls, and build a sense of community for all families and staff.

I look forward to sharing even more positive experiences for all, over the remaining weeks of this term, and ask that you welcome our new families who will be joining our school over the coming weeks.

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817