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Principal News Term 4, Week 7

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Seven- I can scarcely believe that we are so busily preparing for the final part of this term together! My reflections over this past fortnight have seen me scroll down the Term Four Planner, revisiting all the wonderful events and occasions that we can look back on fondly and celebrate.

What a fabulous evening we all enjoyed in the gardens and grounds of our beautiful school on Friday 12th November at our Sundowner!  A special thank you to our evening’s hard-working parents from Years Two and Pre Kindy, as they oversaw beautiful table decorations, swags of pretty lighting, delicious grazing tables, and fresh gin cocktails, as we gathered to celebrate another year of productive and happy work by our parent community. Please enjoy the photos that accompany today’s Newsletter, and where possible, try to support our very generous sponsors of the evening, The Re Store, Wild Road Spirits, and The Commune Wine Store.

The concluding events that are such a special part of this coming Advent Season, will be occupying much of the children’s coming days. Many of our parents may need an additional reminder that the celebration of our 2021 school year together, our 2021 Concert and Prize Night will take place on the School Oval next Friday evening, 3rd December from 6.30 pm sharp.  All the necessary details about costumes, gates and access have been directly communicated to all families and today’s Newsletter will have an abridged version of these important reminders.

It promises to be a wonderful evening for all to enjoy. Parents are asked to remain at the back of the seating area if they are going to be using chairs, and those on rugs will be prioritised at the front of the family section, to allow for the best viewing.

We await the performances of the Nativity story we all know so well, with much anticipation.

The occasion will provide all families with the opportunity to come together and acknowledge the hard work and beautiful voices and acting skills of our boys and girls, who will shine in the Arts Learning Area as they perform dance and sing for all!

Family events at school when children are in attendance are alcohol-free evenings, as the potential for injury (eg broken glass) is ever-present. The children in Years K-6 will be sitting in their class groups with their teachers, both before, and after their performances, until the conclusion of the night, at approx. 8.30 pm.  Families are welcomed and encouraged to join us for the evening!


Learning from our experiences

As our term comes to its final weeks, teachers are busily attending to assessments and the analysis of our boys’ and girls’ progress. This is in preparation for the Semester Two Reports, which will be issued online to all families, during the pupil free week following the close of school for our boys and girls after the conclusion of this Term for students on Friday 10th December at 3.00 pm.  This enables our staff to continue with the teaching and the presentation of content and concepts, until the very end of the term. Please ensure your login details and passwords are known from Semester One, to ensure Reports can be accessed. A text message will be sent to all families, alerting them to when these are going to be available.  A special thank you to our class and specialist staff, for their work in preparing for Reporting, and the analysis of in-class assessments.

Last week, the parents of next year’s Year Four Class joined us for the first of the 1:1 Mac Book Programme Information sessions. Thank you to those who were able to attend and learn from our upper cluster staff, how this wonderful technology will complement the children’s learning, and their journey with research and creativity.

On Tuesday of this week, we also welcomed the 2022 Kindergarten families for their Orientation Session and Parent Information night- we anticipate many happy years of journeys with these excited and enthusiastic little people and their parents!

Both of these out of hours occasions have called for preparation by our staff, at what is a busy time of year- I’m sure you will join me in expressing your gratitude for their devotion to their work.


The promotion of positive relationships with staff, students and parents

The Sacred Heart Primary School Advisory Council (SAC) and Parents and Friends Association (P and F) gathered on Wednesday 24th November at 6.30 pm in the Hall, to conduct their respective Annual General Meetings. The AGM is where the presentation of the 2022 Budget and School Fee Schedule is made, and additionally, the election of ordinary members to the School Advisory Council, and the Executive members to the Parents and Friends Association take place.  Thank you to those families who were able to join us, and below is information pertaining to the 2022 parent bodies here at Sacred Heart in Highgate. There was an enthusiastic and positive feel to the meeting, as we acknowledged the great work that has taken place over this year, and an excitement for new events and celebrations in 2022, our 125th Anniversary year!

Outgoing members of both parent bodies will be farewelled and acknowledged at the 2021 Concert and Prize Night on Friday 3rd December. On a personal note, I wish to acknowledge the very generous service offered by parents in our school community, who have volunteered their time and wish to contribute so positively to our journey together in providing a “Sacred Heart” education for our boys and girls.  It continues to be a very real pleasure to work with so many of our parents who are committed to serving the school, in order for all children to benefit. Well done everyone!

School Advisory Council 2022

Principal-Mrs Tanya McGuire (ex Officio)
Parish Priest-Fr Mark Payton (ex Officio)
P and F Nominee- Mrs Marina Maidment
Nominee of the Sacred Heart Parish- Mr Malachy Docherty
Mr Tim Hammond
Ms Helen McNally
Ms Anka Burns
Mrs Erin Sullivan
Mr Darren Ballantyne
Mr John Mackie and
Mr Nick Muriale

Observers- Mrs Carolyn Perlini, Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Linda Robertson

Parents and Friends Association Executive 2022

President-Berdine Forti
Vice President-Marina Maidment
Secretary-Nadia Hunt
Treasurer- Tamryn Mackie
Nominee to the School Advisory Council -Marina Maidment


Taking responsibility for the quality of our work

The Year Six Graduation is scheduled for Week Nine on Wednesday 8th December, with Mass taking place at Sacred Heart Church at 6.00 pm, and our beautiful Dinner being served by our exceptionally capable Year Five parents, at the Mt Lawley Bowling Club from 7.30 pm.  We look forward to a very special celebration.

I’m sure they work of our Year Five parents in transforming the venue and providing an opportunity for our children to “take their parents out to dinner” will be appreciated by all!

As preparations for the new school year continue, I will be able to announce the finalisation of Staffing placements for 2022 in the coming week.   I’m sure parents look forward to and appreciate this information, and will assist children to view challenges and changes with a positive outlook, and the new school year as an exciting opportunity. The Transition sessions planned for next Wednesday morning will also assist our boys and girls to prepare for their new classroom and year level in 2022.

As the year comes to a close, plans for some second-hand uniform sales in the coming weeks are underway- these are fabulous chances to stock up on items that are essential, and very well priced. Please enquire at the School Office to access second-hand uniform items.


Living out the teachings of Jesus

Last Sunday, our Church celebrated the Feast of Christ the King.

Lord God, King of Heaven and Earth, We worship you! We Praise You! We give you glory! Amen.

This Sunday 28th November sees the Church Season of Advent commence with the lighting of our first candle.  Our school will conduct an Advent Wreath ceremony on the preceding Friday with the Year Six children leading us all in prayer.

Advent is a season of joyful waiting. The week’s Gospel calls us to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord.

“Be on your guard! Don’t let yourselves become preoccupied with too much feasting, drinking and with the worries of this life, or that day may suddenly catch you like a trap.”

What is your family going to do to approach Advent positively?

In closing, can I ask that we all call to mind the work of our teachers and staff at this time of our term- I’m sure many of you are experiencing the usual busyness of this time of the year, and our staff all continue to work hard to accomplish what is required of them as the year concludes.  Their families are probably longing for them to return to their homes at more reasonable hours!

At this special time of the year, we are reminded of those who are not with us, and I ask that we continue to remember the ones we love. We particularly keep in our prayers, our colleague

Mrs Linda Robertson, who has lost her beloved father earlier this week, after a period of illness. The tyranny of distance during this Covid period, with her family located overseas, has no doubt, compounded her sense of loss.

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Past Sacred Heart Students Acknowledgement

We are always thrilled to hear of the accomplishments and recognition of achievements of past Sacred Heart students. Parents are asked to forward updates about their boys and girls to the School Office at Please join us in celebrating the following past students:

Tom Sullivan – Prefect at Hale School
Myles Brown – Prefect at Trinity College
Kieran Thambiran – Prefect at Trinity College
Owen Koroll – Character, Learning and Compassion Award at Chisholm Catholic College
Anthony Panaia – English Award at Aranmore Catholic College



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