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Principal News Term 4, Week 5

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our Term Four’s fifth week!

My thanks is extended to our many parents and grandparents who were able to join us on the Oval last Monday for the 2021 Kindy and Pre Primary Sports Carnival! What a wonderful chance this was for our boys and girls to display their work and accomplishments in Physical Education skills development- as spectators, we were treated to their prowess in the 40m sprints, their relays and team ball games! In addition, the morning provided us with a special atmosphere for all to enjoy. A very special thank you to Mr Watson for his setting up, and to Miss Kate Witkowski and our Junior class staff, who worked hard to ensure things went so smoothly and all was so well coordinated on the day. Additionally, our Year Six Sports Councillors were able to provide us with support in setting out, packing up the equipment, and supervision of the children. A very positive day for all to enjoy!

Next Monday, Mrs Carolyn Perlini and I will be accompanied by our Year Six student, Jessica Boyes, to Government House, for the presentation ceremony of the 2021 Governor’s School STEM Award. Sacred Heart is once again, honoured to have been named as a state finalist in this prestigious award that recognises excellence and leadership within STEM education. We will be sure to keep the school community informed about the presentations.

Yesterday, we gathered as a school following a slightly earlier recess break, to mark the most special of days, Remembrance Day, and I thank the Year Five Class, who under Mrs Nerissa Angwin’s guidance, had worked so hard to provide all our students with a ceremony that fittingly honoured the memory of those who have paid the supreme sacrifice. Lest We Forget.

Preparations continue for the end of year functions that mark another fruitful year of learning here at Sacred Heart- one of these occasions is the Concert and Prize Night (on Friday 3rd December from 6.30 pm) This year, together with our traditional Year One representation of the story we all know and love- The Nativity, we will be performing a spectacular that is reminiscent of a Broadway Extravaganza!

All families have received information regarding the event, the arrival times, and the details for preparations and costumes, and hopefully, the outdoor atmosphere will again be a fine night of celebration! Please check SeeSaw from your teachers, for further explicit details.


Learning from our experiences.

This term, we have once again, scheduled a Parent Information Session (next Thursday 18th November at 6.00 pm) for all Year Three parents, and any new families joining Sacred Heart for Years 4-6 in 2022. The evening will be jointly presented by our middle and upper years teaching staff, and staff from our IT Support partner, Technology Tree (for technical support advice), in preparation for the children’s journey next year with the 1:1 Macbook Programme.

The evening will take place in the upstairs Year Four Classroom, (with entry via the Mary St front door) and in anticipation, I thank those parents who will attend to become fully aware of how Sacred Heart’s journey with technology continues. As parents, we can best support our children when we know clearly, what content and learning experiences they are facing. I thank you for your continued support, and encourage everyone to embrace our digital and technology journey, and also continue with the non-negotiables– Reading every night, Spelling and Times Tables practice, and of course, nightly use of the School Diary.

These coming weeks see our children continue with the assessment phase of the term and their standardised testing. These results will help to inform teachers of the progress achieved over the year in the Learning Areas of English and Mathematics, with a view to assessment of the learning that has taken place over this year.


The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents.

Thank you to everyone for their patience and dedication to the safety of our students as they enter and exit the school. Parents are also reminded about NOT parking in the Catholic Pastoral Centre’s Car Park, and the Presbytery Car Park next door to the Church. These are areas that are patrolled by the City of Vincent Rangers, and I note that cautions are again being issued to many parents.

The Parents and Friends Association remain very focused on the upcoming parent event- Friday night’s Sundowner and Gin Masterclass! Parents will enjoy canapes and drinks in the front Rose Garden of our beautiful school buildings, and I’m sure the evening will be enjoyed by all. It is the result of many hours of coordination and hard work by our parents in Year Two and Pre Kindy, who have taken responsibility for the coordination of the event- a welcome return to a social gathering after the restrictions of the Covid pandemic.

At our recent Parents and Friends Association Meeting, a commitment to Christmas fundraising in the forms of a bakery order for fruit mince pies and lemon tartlets, and an option to purchase wine boxes for family Christmas celebrations, was committed to. I thank Mrs Berdine Forti for her coordination of these ventures, and I’m sure our families will support both of these opportunities as we prepare for the coming festive season.

The meeting also had a view to preparing for the end of year acknowledgements and preparations for the AGM that will be conducted in the School Hall Wednesday 24th November, commencing at 6.30pm (School Advisory Council firstly). Parents are asked to RSVP to ensure our venue can accommodate everyone and still maintain the appropriate and necessary physical distancing, and as light refreshments will be served. Please click here for the AGM Invitation.

Plans continue for the many Term Four events that will take place in coming weeks- we look forward to many opportunities for our parents to contribute to the success of the Year Six Graduation Mass and Dinner– an event that is aimed at celebrating the past years of Primary School and also gives our children the chance to “take their parents to Dinner”.

Plans are underway for ensuring a very special memory of Sacred Heart is created for our departing Graduates.

A special thank you to Ms Camila Machado for her offer to oversee and co-ordinate the evening and together with all other Year Five parents for their tireless work in preparing for what promises to be a special night- this is a long-standing tradition for all our Year Five parents, who will be treated next year as Year Six parents.  Thank you also to Mrs Amanda Saraceni for her contributions as the designer and creator of the Graduation Dinner invitations. We also hope to have the Year Five students contribute to the Mass for Graduation, as a choir. Graduation Mass and Dinner will take place on Wednesday 8th December, at 6.00 pm.


Taking responsibility for the quality of our work.

Parents are reminded of the need to address all outstanding 2021 School Fees by Friday 19th November and details of these outstanding fees have been sent. Please correspond about financial matters to our School Bursar, Mrs Linda Robertson on the email address or  or alternatively by phone 92532502. (Please note the new dedicated Finance number)

If parents are experiencing any difficulties in finalising their 2021 School Fees account, they have been requested to make an appointment with the School Principal.

The proposed 2022 School Fees schedule will be communicated to all families prior to the end of this school year. Parents will be requested to commit to their payment plan at the commencement of the new school year.

Wednesday 24th November will see the Annual General Meeting (AGM) being held for both parent bodies within our School, the School Advisory Council, and the Parents and Friends Association. You may wish to give consideration to contributing to either of these groups if you are interested in future planning, and the management of resources here at Sacred Heart.

In 2022, several positions become vacant on the School Advisory Council, and parents are asked to consider putting themselves forward for election or to possibly be available to be co-opted to the Council for special purpose work. Nominees are asked to speak at the Annual General Meeting, outlining their skills, and reasons for wishing to nominate for a position on the School Advisory Council.

Below are the criteria for membership of the Council:-

  1. Possession of enthusiasm for, and a willingness to promote Catholic schooling;
  2. A deep interest in the welfare of all students and staff;
  3. A desire to give service to the Catholic school community;
  4. An ability to work cooperatively and constructively with all other members of the Council;
  5. Sufficiency of time to devote to Council duties.
  6. An ability and desire to uphold confidentiality in Council matters; and
  7. Possession of special skills that will be an asset to the Council.

Information about the AGM meeting processes has been forwarded to all families in the last Newsletter. Additionally, you could speak with me, if you have any queries or require further information.


Living out the teachings of Jesus.

We were joined today in the School Hall, by Fr Mark at our Remembrance Day Liturgy, which was so very reverently conducted by the Year Five students. His presence in our school, helps our Church to be more known and loved. Thank you Father for your “heartening” contributions to all our work at Sacred Heart.

In closing, can I leave you all with a Prayer for Remembrance Day-

God our Father, your Son Jesus gave up His life to free us from the power of sin and death.
He showed us that the greatest love is in giving up one’s life for others.
Today we remember those who fought and died for our freedom.
We ask you to bless and console them together with their families.
Help us to understand the sacrifices they made in leaving their loved ones to face the horrors of war. May we never forget their generosity.
May your Holy Spirit give us the courage to resist evil in all its forms and show us how to be peacemakers through prayer and action, lest we forget those who fought, suffered and died that we might have the freedom and peace we enjoy today.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Sacred Heart Primary School


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