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Principal News Term 3, Week 8

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Eight – it’s hard to believe how quickly our third term is racing by! It would appear that the Spring has arrived- our trees and shrubs are covered in buds and blossom, and the warmth of our sun during these early days of the new season, is a welcome addition.

Our wonderful gathering to celebrate our 2021 Parent Breakfast last Friday was a resounding success with most of our families enjoying the coffee vans on the oval, robust games of Tug-of-War, and delicious ham and cheese croissants and pastries! A huge thank you to our very capable and professional Year Four parents who all seemed to achieve such a calm and well organise event that provided everyone with warmth, connection and fun! Special mention goes to our Year Four parents, Ms Clare MacLean, Mrs Antonietta Ottobrino, Mrs Grace Versaci, and Mrs Amanda Saraceni, who were starring Hall decorators and caterers for the event. Well done everyone!

We all enjoyed a wonderful day together at Birdwood Square last Tuesday for this year’s 2021 Faction Athletics Carnival. Our children enjoyed a day full of activity and were provided with many opportunities to demonstrate their sportsmanship, athleticism and team skills! A special thank you to our Physical Education teacher, Miss Kate Witkowski, who co-ordinated such a well organised Programme, and the many staff and helpers who came together to ensure the day was set up so efficiently, and ran very smoothly. Well done to this year’s Runners up and Champions. Further results and photos can be found in today’s Newsletter.

Our focus for the remaining weeks of this term will now be on the preparation of our 2021 Sacred Heart Interschool Team, and the preparation and training session at the WA Athletics Stadium in Floreat, as we undertook last year.  Final Interschool selection has been based on a combination of results and performances throughout the term, time trials, other recorded data, and Faction Carnival performances.

Our Interschool Athletics Carnival competitors were presented to the whole school and received their School Athletics singlet, at this week’s Assembly- Thank you to Miss Kate Witkowski for her earlier preparations of our children, and to all parents who have continued in these past weeks with training and practice- we anticipate great results, and we wish our boys and girls all the best for this year’s Carnival, that will be conducted in Week 10 on Tuesday 21st  September – please note, we depart very early (8.15am) on the morning  of the Carnival from Sacred Heart, and it is an expectation that we travel as a team on the bus.

Christ-Centred Leadership

(Leadership that is inclusive, flexible and responsive)

I know that as parents, you are grateful to our Teachers and Education Assistants for their continued efforts, and on behalf of you all, I extend gratitude and appreciation to all the staff for their coordination and preparation of meaningful learning experiences and activities for you and your children.

This week, as we remain future-focused, the staff have had their eye on the coming weeks of our new term, which will see the celebrations of our Founders Week- to occur in Week Two. There promises to be wonderful activities and experiences, displays and celebrations. We will round Founders Week off on Friday 22nd of October with our Colour Fun Run!

Next term will also see us hosting an Open Day Morning on Tuesday 26th October, for prospective parents and new students, which will be an opportunity for selected students to provide leadership as they perform as a choir of welcome, and also provide ushering and tour duties.

Watch this space for details of these events that involve many hands to ensure light work!

A Catholic Pastoral Community

(The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents)

 Code of Conduct (A model for healthy relationships in our School Community).

In previous Newsletters, we have looked at statements in the Sacred Heart Primary School Code of Conduct.  The Code is applicable to all members of our school community including, staff, students, parents, guardians, carers, visitors and volunteers. This week we highlight specific behaviours that will meet Statement Six of the Code of Conduct, which is that:-

‘You treat personal information about members of the school community as private and confidential.’

This statement pertains to our ethical and legal obligation to treat personal information as confidential. We protect the privacy of each member of the school community by treating the information gained in the relationship as confidential.

Examples of a breach of this statement would include, but are not limited to:


  • A staff member disclosing the contact details of parents or staff to other parents or staff
  • A staff member using social media to connect with students.


  • A student taking photographs, videos or audio of people or property and disseminating information without permission.


  • A parent disclosing personal information about staff or students.
  • A parent discussing a situation and exposing the personal information of others.

If we witness the unlawful or unsafe conduct of any other member of the school community, or breaches of policy or this Code, whether in teaching, administration, school support services, or while engaging with students in person or via digital or other media, we have both a responsibility and an obligation, to notify such conduct to the Principal or an appropriate authority, and to take other action as necessary to protect students.

 Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable Catholic Schooling

(Taking responsibility for the quality of our work).

 Preparations for the 2022 Pre- Kindergarten Class are a focus for this term- if your family, or a family you know of, is interested in access to the Pre Kindy programme for next year, (2022)  please make contact with the School Office- (places are limited). Interviews are currently underway and prospective new Pre Kindy students and their families will join us at this year’s  Open Morning Tour on Tuesday 26th October.

All Sacred Heart Primary School, Highgate parents are asked to confirm their plans for the 2022 School Year and indicate this in writing.  As this information is to assist with administrative plans for waiting enrolments and staffing levels, you are asked to ensure the completion of the forwarded Forms survey to the School Office by Friday 24th September.

As stated in the school’s Enrolment and Fee Setting and Collection Policies, failure to provide a term’s notice in writing of a student’s withdrawal, will incur an additional term’s Tuition Fees.

A Catholic School of Excellence

(An effective community developing students as whole Christian persons).

Pleasingly, we can confirm that our students in Year Three will be able to undertake their Sacrament of Penance (or  Reconciliation) on Thursday 28th October at 6.00pm. The children will be able to focus on the opportunity provided by this Sacrament, to restore their relationship with Jesus, following choices that they have made that have fractured their relationship with Him and others.

The Parent and children’s Workshop will be conducted Wednesday 13th October (Week One of the Term Four) and the children will participate in their Retreat here at school, as we continue our support of the parish-based, family centred, and school supported Sacramental preparation programme.

Thank you in anticipation, to all in the parish and school communities, for their support of our parents, who as the primary educators in faith of their children, will present their children to our Parish Priest, Father Mark Payton.  Thank you also, to Miss Mikaela Caruso, who together with the support of Ms Renee Byrne-King, continues her preparation and support of the children at this time.

Archdiocese of Perth


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In closing, can I thank you all for your wonderful efforts to determine what has been a successful and happy term here at Sacred Heart!  I extend my thanks to the staff for their attention to detail and hard work, to ensure things are always prepared and ready for our children.

I hope the upcoming holidays provide everyone with the much-needed rest and opportunity to recover from any lurking ills and demands of the past weeks- let’s get plenty of sunshine and return to school on Tuesday 12th  October in Full Summer uniform, ready for another term of new learning and consolidation across its nine weeks!


Enjoy a happy and restful weekend together!

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817