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Principal News Term 3, Week 4

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Week Four – we’ve nearly reached the halfway mark of our third Term together, and anticipate many wonderful activities and occasions over the coming weeks, and we embrace some of our greatly anticipated events like sacramental celebrations, Athletics training and over coming weeks, very special incursions from Scitech, and excursions for some of our classes to wonderful venues like Government House in the city, Tranby House in Maylands, and the old Fremantle Prison!

Wasn’t the Year Four Assembly a fabulous performance this morning!  They regaled us with history lessons, showing us the challenges of an early penal colony, and the fun that pioneers would have experienced with folk dancing and singing ditties! A special thank you to our Year Four boys and girls, their parents for their support, and of course to Mrs Amanda Saraceni for her creativity and devotion to ensuring the children shone throughout! Congratulations everyone- enjoy the photos accompanying today’s edition.

The winter chills are taking their toll on our children and staff, and many have succumbed to illness this week- please remember that children need rest, warmth and isolation to recover fully.  I’m sure parents will appreciate the need for children to remain at home until they are well, as infectious diseases and viruses are spread easily in a school environment. Children are not to come to school if they are sick. Their learning is hampered if they are not feeling well, and it can be distressing for them to be in a classroom if they have not been able to rest as they recover.

Additionally, Winter jumpers and tracksuit tops are needed at school every day, together with all other correct uniform items. I appreciate everyone’s efforts to adhere to our school’s requirements outlined in the Uniform Policy and Grooming guidelines.

At this time of the year as Week Six approaches, we are preparing to celebrate 2021 Book Week with its associated activities, displays and a Dress-up Parade. As such, the purchase of the shortlisted titles, and our associated Book Fair via Beaufort St Books will be conducted during that time, and we all look forward to experiencing this year’s theme, “Old Worlds, New Worlds and Other Worlds!”. Our Parade will take place on Monday 23rd August. Please see the details in the flyer that accompanies today’s Newsletter!


Learning from our experiences.

We look forward to remaining busy over the coming weeks of this term and remind parents/carers that the education of students is a partnership between home and school, and as such, we encourage and welcome open and respectful communication with you about your child’s progress and development. Nightly obligations to reading aloud, practising spelling words and sounds, and times tables learning, all continue.

Next week, our school will enjoy the challenges of celebrating National Science Week– Mrs Carolyn Perlini has some exciting competitions and activities planned for our children- Bees, honey production, pollination and other ecological understandings are going to be a feature of the week, as are the staff costumes- Apparently Sacred Heart may be hosting a number of Queen Bees!

A special thank you to our parents who are able to support their children’s participation in the Athletics Training sessions that take place on Monday mornings (from 7.30am sharp- 8.30am). Miss Witkowski, together with Mr Moore, are keen for our boys and girls to achieve their best, and this is only possible with concerted practice and opportunities to increase fitness- well done everyone!

Our 400m races (for Years 3-6), the Jumps and Throw Carnival events, and the Athletics track and games events are all scheduled for later this term. “Preparation makes for positive performances” Parents are reminded that these Carnivals are compulsory elements of our learning programme, and a medical certificate will be called for, if it is necessary for a child to be exempted.

Yesterday, Football West commenced their first of four weeks of soccer coaching for students in years Kindy- Year 6, as after school sessions- the day was  sunny and warm, with our boys and girls being thrilled to enjoy the outdoors and targeted coaching of their skills. We have made the decision as a school, and this as communicated today at assembly, for all participants to wear their Sports Uniform on Thursdays to ensure they are all ready to commence promptly at 3.15pm. Parents are welcome to spectate from the seating in front of the Hall. Special thanks to Mis Witkowski for co-ordinating this opportunity for our boys and girls!


The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents

The community of Sacred Heart Primary School is traditionally alive and vibrant, thanks to the support given by our parent community.  At Sacred Heart we value the partnership between the parents and the school. Children’s learning is enhanced and encouraged when parents are actively involved in the life of the school, and at our school, parent support is considered vital with parents being encouraged to fully involve themselves in the life of the school. Some ways for this assistance and parental engagement to be undertaken is through participation in planned excursions, incursions and workshops.

On Friday 3rd September, the P and F Association will gather and work hard to provide a special Parent Breakfast. The flyer and necessary RSVP to plan for catering has been sent home- we look forward to a wonderful experience together.


Taking responsibility for the quality of our work.

Preparations for the 2022 Pre- Kindergarten Class are a focus for this term- if your family, or a family you know of, is interested in access to the Pre Kindy programme for next year, (2022) please make contact with the School Office- (places are limited). Interviews are scheduled for the coming weeks of this term, and  yesterday, we welcomed many prospective parents to our Morning Tour of our facilities and resources.

School Advisory Board Information– Together with our school Bursar, Mrs Linda Robertson and our School Board Finance sub Committee, Mr Lino Bolese and Mrs Erin Sullivan, we remain focused on the monitoring of the 2021 School Budget, having recently completed the federal and state census documents, as our funding income is calculated in this way. Thank you to those families who have maintained their commitments to their 2021 School Fees.

Sacred Heart Primary School Code of Conduct
In previous Newsletters, we have looked at the statements in the Sacred Heart Primary School Code of Conduct.  The Code is applicable to all members of our school community including, staff, students, parents, guardians, carers, visitors and volunteers. This week we highlight specific behaviours that will meet the second statement of the Code of Conduct, which is that

 ‘We give priority to students’ safety and well-being in all our behaviour and decision making’.   

We will all be meeting the standard of this statement if we ensure that the safety and well-being of students is the primary focus of our actions and decisions, and takes precedence over other considerations.

Examples of behaviours by parents that meet this standard include but are not limited to:

  • A parent only driving other students, having been provided with the necessary parental permission.
  • A parent adhering to all school policies and procedures.
  • A parent listening to concerns reported to them, about their child.

Examples of behaviours by students that meet this standard include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-bullying behaviour
  • Listening to safety instructions
  • Using equipment in a safe manner
  • Engaging in safe behaviour

Our school staff experience ongoing professional development on this Code of Conduct, and have discussed ways in which we display behaviours that meet each statement of this Code.

Parents are reminded of the need to ensure the school Office is kept informed about any changes to usual collectors of their children, and additionally, adhering to previously communicated instructions about exiting the Mary St Drive Through gate, by only turning left.  

Parents are also reminded of the need to ensure their child arrives and is collected punctually.


Living out the teachings of Jesus.

This past week has seen our children experience very positive Liturgical experiences within their classrooms, and not as large groups within the Church. This week, as the Feast of the Assumption of Mary is celebrated on Sunday, we are reminded of the very special role that was afforded to Mary as Jesus’ mother, when she was assumed into heaven, body and soul.

On Sunday 22nd August at 4.00pm, our senior students in Year Six will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. This has necessitated the children participating in their parent-child Workshop, and next Tuesday, together with Ms Renee Byrne-King and  Mr Steve Moore, the students will undertake their retreat at St Mary’s Cathedral.

In closing, can I ask that we all “strap in tightly ” for a busy next few weeks of this term.

I envisage happy events like the upcoming Athletics Carnivals,  as continued opportunities for you to support your children’s primary education experience.

Enjoy a happy and restful weekend together!

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


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