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Principal News Term 2, Week 6

Welcome to Week Six of our second term, and hasn’t the immediate arrival of winter’s cold front made itself known!

Next week, will see the traditional mid-term break for Sacred Heart students and staff- with our school celebrating Catholicity Day for staff (Pupil Free) and Professional Learning on Tuesday 8th June- hence Sacred Heart Primary School will be closed to all students from Friday 4th June-Tuesday 8th June 2021. Parents are asked to refer to the Term Planner.   

We commenced Wednesday’s  National Sorry Day, with a special Liturgy led by our senior students in Year 6. The strong message of Reconciliation being an ongoing commitment to actions serves as a formal commencement of 2021 Reconciliation Week- I hope that in this week’s Newsletter, you as families will enjoy the photos of the occasion.

Today’s wintery showers and cold weather brings a reminder about the need to stay warm at school- red jumpers and tracksuit tops are not optional items and must accompany all children to school each day. The Sacred Heart Winter jacket is the only extra layer of warmth that is permitted for outdoor wear at school. Orders for these can be placed through the School Office. Please remember that beanies, gloves and scarves are not uniform items.

As it is now the end of Week Six, parents are asked to remember that the Uniform Shop no longer operates here at the school, but items that are needed must be ordered and collected via the Uniform Co-ordinator directly:- Mrs Vilma Spence of Perfect Uniforms in Maylands…. Phone 9271 4479.

Thank you to the parents who have responded positively to reminders about ensuring children are wearing their correct uniform items. Please familiarise yourself with the required details regarding uniform items and necessary grooming details. In the event of an inability to provide a correct item, it is necessary for parents to communicate directly with me and your class teacher, outlining an explanation and the expected time to rectify the situation, or alternatively, a request for pastoral assistance to provide the necessary items. In earlier editions of the School Newsletter, I have reminded all parents of their commitment to adhering to School Policy. This commitment is formalised as part of the enrolment process at Sacred Heart.


(Learning from our experiences)

At recent gatherings like last Wednesday’s scheduled Cluster Meeting, we have focused on the work on current action plans around School Improvement, and in particular, the Vision for Learning.  The Junior Cluster this week, remained attentive to the Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) addressing the National Quality Standards, and in particular, on Quality Area 3, which focuses on Outdoor Play Areas and spaces, planning for Outdoor Play, and the development of the documentation associated with such.

As the term continues, teachers remain focused on assessments and the data these provide to inform teaching- all aimed at determining interventions and enrichment opportunities.

2021 saw the return of NAPLAN, with our Sacred Heart children performing well in conditions that have hopefully provided them with the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and their retention of previously taught material, and also provided them with opportunities to explore unknown material. We will receive results as a school later in next term and will await the way this year’s results will be used for comparisons, and to identify whole school trends, and the effectiveness of intervention and enrichment opportunities.

Staff Professional Learning -Tuesday 8th June will see our staff undertake renewal hours for their Accreditation studies in the form of exploring knowledge and faith hours (6 in total) based on the Papal encyclical Laudato Si, and our call to action.

Pope Francis’s 2016 encyclical, Laudato Si‘ (“Praised Be You”), has been one of the most widely anticipated papal documents in recent memory. Laudato Si‘ criticises those who fail to care for that with which they have been entrusted, and the consequences that can flow from that failure.

This course gives us an opportunity to engage and reflect on the key messages of Laudato Si and our call to care for our common home. It unpacks the term integral ecology, and what this means in our personal and professional lives. This course provides various resources to support planning and action in our own school context.


(The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents)

The Parents and Friends Association is a hard-working body within our School, and both their fundraising, and community building and celebrating efforts, are planned to benefit all our children and their families.  I do hope that our Class Reps are able to reach out and connect with parents at this time, and keep everyone informed about the year’s planned events.  Next Wednesday, sees the next P and F meeting being conducted in the school Hall from 6.30 pm.

Please see below, and on the school website, the planned P and F Association “Friend and Fund Raising”  Events and their dates for the remainder of this year.

PRE-KINDY Kelly Rimpas Fundraiser Minor Event Parents 12th Nov
KINDY Berdine Forti Friendraiser School Disco Students 17th Sept
KINDY Sigrid McLachlan Friendraiser School Disco Students 17th Sept
PRE-PRIMARY Rebecca Chau Friendraiser  Colour Fun Run Students 22nd Oct
PRE-PRIMARY Marina Maidment Friendraiser  Colour Fun Run Students 22nd Oct
YEAR 1 Rose Murphy Friendraiser  Colour Fun Run Students 22nd Oct
YEAR 1 Carma de Groot Friendraiser  Colour Fun Run Students 22nd Oct
YEAR 1 Kristie Weisz Friendraiser  Colour Fun Run Students 22nd Oct
YEAR 2 Francesca Parr Fundraiser Minor Event Parents 12th Nov
YEAR 2 Lorraine Donachie Fundraiser Minor Event Parents 12th Nov
YEAR 3 Jasmine Johnson Friendraiser School Disco Students 17th Sept
YEAR 3 Kristie Skinner Friendraiser School Disco Students 17th Sept
YEAR 4 Clare McLean Friendraiser Fathers Day Families 3rd Sept
YEAR 5 Annmarie Baltov Friendraiser Graduation Dinner Year 6 8th Dec
YEAR 5 Camila Machado Friendraiser Graduation Dinner Year 6 8th Dec
YEAR 6 Georgie Strain        
YEAR 6 Damian Lailey Friendraiser Mothers Day Families 7th May
PRESIDENT Lindsay Fletcher-Hammond        
VICE PRESIDENT Marina Maidment        
TREASURER Tamryn Mackie        
SECRETARY Damian Lailey        
EVENT CO Camila Machado        
EVENT CO Georgia Cacares        

Later today, parents will receive a link to a survey aimed at providing feedback to the school and our P and F Association, about several new initiatives, and also, our call for potential business directory/ skills information. Thank you in advance, for taking the time to share your thoughts with all.

Our obligations as a school, and our “core business,” is a commitment to individualised learning, acknowledging each child’s uniqueness.

During Week Eight, I will enjoy the real pleasure of meeting with many parents to review Curriculum Adjustment Plans (CAPs) and Individual Education Plans (IEPs) – this opportunity for the school and parents to communicate and plan for children’s learning needs is a very necessary part of our “business” and I am very grateful for the time and efforts of parents and teachers in preparing for these meetings- it is truly one of the more enjoyable facets of my role as a school leader to experience first hand, the desires and plans of parents and teachers, for the children in our care. Teachers are able to make professional, informed and data-informed judgements about your children’s learning needs, and with support when undertaking their learning, your children will experience a sense of success and empowerment.


(Taking responsibility for the quality of our work)

Sacred Heart Primary School will continue to offer a Pre Kindy (Three Year old) Class, and Kindergarten (Four Year old ) Class in 2022. In coming weeks, we will complete the 2022 Pre Kindergarten and 2022 Kindergarten Enrolment Interviews.

Three-year-old and Four-year-old education programs operate at schools as part of an education course. Catholic Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten programmes provide rich learning environments that cater for children’s development across the physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional and spiritual domains. Learning occurs through planned and spontaneous play experiences that are based on the strengths, interests and needs of each child. Each child participating in our programmes in their Catholic school, is encouraged to develop a positive self-image of themselves and others as they begin to live the gospel message.

Parents of siblings, and those in the wider Parish community who are seeking a position in either of these classes for 2022, are encouraged to contact the School Office and submit their downloadable Enrolment Forms. Places are strictly limited to twenty students for our “Little Hearts” Pre Kindy Class, and thirty students in Kindergarten.

In budgeting for any expenditure within a Catholic school, School Fees contribute to projected planned income. The majority of our families have completed their obligations to nominate their payment plan for their 2021 School Fees, and I thank them for their commitments and also, their recent payments towards these School and Tuition Fees.  Reminders have been communicated to those families who had not completed these plans, as requested.

Fee collection is a very necessary focus for the School Board, and formal collection processes will commence, in the event of failure to make contact with the School Principal to discuss any variations to fee structures, or any circumstances that have the potential to impact your family’s obligation to meet their outstanding 2021, and or any overdue School Fees.


(Living out the teachings of Jesus)

Fr Mark has confirmed this weekend (either Saturday evening vigil at 6.00 pm or Sunday morning at 9.00am) as Enrolment and Commitment Masses for all parents and their children within the parish, who will be undertaking a sacrament this year- that is Penance, Eucharist or Confirmation. (Years 3, 4 and 6). The celebration in the coming weeks of the Sacrament of Eucharist will be another very successful occasion, contributing to our work in implementing our focus on Evangelisation. A sense of “welcome” to our Church continues to be our driver, as we embark on the many opportunities that families are presented with throughout the year, to re-connect and engage with our parish.

Many families would have been made aware of Fr Mark’s message announcing that from this week, the Thursday morning parish Mass will be scheduled for 8.45 am, in an effort to be available to parents who may be dropping their children, and perhaps do not have work commitments.

This term, our Sacred Heart children in Year Four, will be preparing to celebrate that most special of sacraments, the Eucharist, on Sunday 20th June, at the special time of 4.00 pm.

On Tuesday 1st June at 6.30 pm, the compulsory step in the preparations for First Communion, the  Eucharist Parent and Child Workshop will be conducted in the School Hall.

Our Eucharist candidates will participate in their Sacramental Retreat, on Thursday 10th June here at school, when they prepare bread and a special liturgy, and enjoy many exciting activities that make this most special time, memorable for them.

Father Mark has also planned an additional celebration of the sacrament of First Eucharist for those Catholic students who do not attend Sacred Heart. Details of this and the after school preparation classes can be obtained from the Sacred Heart parish secretary, Mrs Rosalia Carbone 9328 3433, and similarly, any enquiries regarding the Baptism of students and siblings, can be obtained from the Parish Office via

In closing, can I thank you all for your continued hard work in, and for Sacred Heart.  I look forward to continued accomplishments and achievements for all over the remainder of this term which will conclude on Friday 2nd July.

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817