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Principal News Term 4, Week 2

Welcome to our second week of this, our final term of 2020. What a wonderful week we are enjoying, as we focus on our Founders Week celebrations, Book Week Parades and visitors, and of course, preparations that have consumed many of our spare minutes as we hosted the Judging Panel for the 2020 Governor’s STEM Awards, and prepare for our first Open Day to be held this Sunday. In amongst this busyness, we also conducted our Faction Cross Country Carnival last Thursday- a day that saw excellent performances from all our boys and girls in Years 3-6 and another win this year for Hewitt Faction, after what has been a long time and struggle to attain a place on a shield! Well done to all for their efforts and enthusiasm. Next week, the Interschool Cross Country competition will take place and we await news of our results as we position ourselves against six other single stream Catholic Primary Schools.

Today we have gathered, for our Founders Day Mass, which saw our special guests, the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions join us. A special thank you to our parents for their support of the Raffle this year, instead of our usual Cake Stall, and of course, to our staff, for their enthusiasm and skill in providing the children with new learning about our founding order. These events today are all aimed at supporting our sister school, Shanti Sadan (St Mary’s) in India, and enjoying all that is wonderful about Sacred Heart Primary School!

Please make sure you ask your child to share with you this evening, their works with their buddy class, and what they know of the continuing good works of our Order in schools all over the world.

We’ve also had a wonderful Book Week 2020 adventure as we’ve welcomed guest authors and performers to our school, and of course enjoyed the thrill of our Book Week parade. Please enjoy the many photos that accompany today’s Newsletter and all that has been celebrated this week.

As a staff, we continue our work on assessments and preparations for Reporting in this final term, as the school year draws to a close. Much of our work this month has focused on enhancing the Semester Report template to provide more information for you as parents, clearly communicating your child’s achievements and strengths, and identifying areas for future effort and focus.


Learning from our experiences

This week, your child’s teachers have ensured the Term Four Curriculum Outlines have been posted for you to explore. As parents, your support of your child’s learning is enhanced when you know clearly, what content and learning experiences your children are facing. I thank you in anticipation of this support, and encourage everyone to continue their non-negotiables– Reading every night, Spelling and Times Tables practice, together with use of the School Diary.

My anticipated thanks is extended to the many parents and grandparents who are going to be able to able to join us on the Oval on Friday 6th November (Week Four) for the Kindy and Pre Primary Sports Carnival! What a wonderful chance this is for our boys and girls to display their work in Physical Education and skills development- as spectators, we’ll be treated to their prowess in the 40m sprints, the hurdles races, their relays and team ball games! In addition, the day will provide us with a special atmosphere for all to enjoy. A very special thank you to Miss Kate Witkowski and our Junior class staff, who are working hard to ensure things will go smoothly and be well co-ordinated on the day. Additionally, our Year Six Sports Councillors are going to be able to provide us with support in setting out and packing up the equipment.

I must acknowledge the many hours of hard work that our teachers and Leadership Team have put into preparing and continuing with the 2020 Year Book. Our staff are working long, under the guidance of the Leadership Team to complete the pages and meet the publishing deadlines.  I’m sure as a parent community, you will be pleased with the quality product that will be distributed to all families. The 2020 Year Book will be a keepsake, reflecting the learning journeys and great events we have all enjoyed here at Sacred Heart this year.


The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents

In Week five of this term, we propose to provide a parent workshop for Year Five and Year Six parents, as their children prepare this term to complete the Catholic Marriage and Fertility Service Workshops, aimed at highlighting our giftedness and uniqueness. As  parents, you are the first educators of your children,  and as a school, we remain committed to supporting you with resources and information about growth and development, within the Catholic context of “special married love”.


Taking responsibility for the quality of our work

The School Board met for the October Meeting this week,  and the coming weeks will see us focus on the final preparations of the 2021 Initial Budget, including the setting of the 2021 School Fees schedule, which will be presented at the Annual Community Meeting On Wednesday 25th November at 7.00pm.

Accompanying coming newsletters, will be information for all families about the role of the School Board (to be known moving forward as the School Advisory Board) within Catholic Schools. This year, a number of positions on both the Board and The Parents and Friends Association Executive will become vacant, and nominations will be called for. If parents are seeking additional information, they are asked to contact me via the School Office.

The School Board and P and F are also focused on the first Open Day to be conducted this Sunday 25th October from 10.00am and 12.00pm.

Parents are reminded of the need to address all outstanding 2020 School Fees by the 8th November and details of these outstanding fees have been sent. Please correspond about financial matters to our School Bursar, Mrs Linda Robertson on the email address or  or alternatively by phone 92532502. (Please note the new dedicated Finance number)

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In closing, can I thank everyone for their continued efforts to contribute to all that is Sacred Heart! This Term is set to be a busy one, and through everyone’s hard work and organisation, our children’s learning experiences will be positive and productive.

I feel a strong sense of responsibility to the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions,  and to continue the wonderful work they began, and this is only possible when we combine our strengths and talents to provide an authentic Catholic education for our boys and girls, and a continued sense of community for all families and staff.

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


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