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Principal News Term 3, Week 6

Welcome to Week Six – it’s hard to believe how quickly this third term is racing by!

Next week we herald the first day of Spring! Let’s hope that the sunshine we’re expecting today is a taste of what September brings for the children to enjoy as they go about their remaining weeks of this term together.

Can I commence today’s newsletter with an acknowledgement of everyone’s patience and support as we’ve navigated the differences to our usual routines and structures that this year’s COVID-19 pandemic has brought.

Our focus remains on providing a clean and safe environment for our children, their families and our staff, hence the increased cleaning and hygiene practices. This week, we have seen the arrival of the contractors who have embarked on the sifting of our soft fill below the Oval playground equipment, and its necessary maintenance, and we look forward to our boys and girls accessing this additional equipment from today.

We look forward next week to the trial of increased access to the school for parents as they drop their children in the mornings. Of course, the Harold St gate for all children in Years 3-6 will continue to operate as previously communicated. Parents of children in Years PK- 2 (and older siblings)  will continue to be able to drop their children to the staff in the Mary St Drive Through bays, or additionally, may elect to park on the street, and then accompany their child to the classroom door for drop off to a staff member.  Parents are reminded that Pre Primary to Year 6 classes commence promptly at 8.40am.

Pre Kindergarten students (Tuesdays and Thursdays) who may be accompanied by a parent to the classroom door in the morning, are not be able to arrive prior to 8.30am

Parents are required to maintain their social distance from one another, and refrain from congregating on the verandahs and breezeways of the school grounds.

The afternoon collection of students will remain as previously determined- i.e, Parents of children in Years K-2 (and older siblings) are to Drive Through and children will be escorted to their vehicles, or children will be delivered to parents waiting at the Mary St pedestrian gate. This is to ensure waiting junior students are not hampered by congestion.

Accompanying today’s Newsletter is a simplified version of our school’s COVID Response Plan. This outlines the details of the necessary action that will be undertaken in the event of a confirmed positive test result for a student, staff member, or family. Within the Sacred Heart Primary School community.

Christ-Centred Leadership

Leadership that is inclusive, flexible and responsive

Haven’t we been busy and exposed to wonderful leadership in its many forms over the past few weeks here at Sacred Heart?- our adept and skilled staff have been instrumental in co-ordinating wonderful learning opportunities for our boys and girls, including the celebration of Sacraments, incursions, wonderful School Photos, and this week’s Jumps and Throws Carnival.

A special thank you to our parents who have supported their children’s participation in this term’s Athletics and Jumps training sessions on Monday mornings and afternoons.  Parents have also been very supportive of our newest co-curricular opportunity in rock band instruments and singing in the form of “Music Rocks!” on Tuesday afternoons,  with three groupings of students participating successfully.

As promised in the last Newsletter, we see these and upcoming events like next week’s Faction Athletics Carnival at Birdwood Square, as continued opportunities for you to support your children’s primary education experiences. Due to the predicted heavy rainfall and possible storm on Tuesday, the decision has been made to reschedule our Athletics Carnival to Friday 4th September.

As always, the day promises to be one of fun and team spirit! We rely on the support and participation of our parents to ensure the days are ones of smoothness and fun for our children. Children will require their faction Sports uniform, a packed lunch, water bottle, hat, sunscreen plenty of snacks and their permission slip needs to have been returned as requested. Miss Kate Witkowski (Physical Education Specialist) has prepared a programme of exciting Junior and Senior Team events that will see our competitors participating throughout the day, as we respond to previous feedback about the number of events and degree of participation opportunities for all children.

Once again, we have arranged for the hire of temporary toilets to ensure the Carnival setting is safe. Let’s hope for sunny spring weather and an abundant source of committed cheer squads for each of our factions!

Our focus for the remaining weeks of the term following this year’s Faction Carnivals, will be on the finalisation of our 2020 Sacred Heart Interschool Athletics Team, and the preparation and training sessions at the WA Athletics Stadium in Floreat, as we have undertaken in past years.

Parents are reminded that the final Interschool Team selections are based on a combination of results and performances throughout the term, time trials, other recorded data, and Faction Carnival performances. However, in the event of opting to travel for holidays or vacation, and thus be absent from planned and scheduled events and Carnivals, (not through illness or injury), children may not be able to be included in final Team selection.

A Catholic Pastoral Community

The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents

The community of Sacred Heart School continues to be alive and vibrant, thanks to the support provided by the parent community.  Here at Sacred Heart we value the partnership between our parents and the school. Children’s learning is enhanced and encouraged when parents are actively involved in the life of the school, and at our school,  parent support is considered vital with parents being encouraged to fully involve themselves in the life of the school.  Unfortunately, the pandemic has brought a halt to our usual practices within the school community, especially those that would naturally strengthen our connections with one another.

At this month’s P and F Meeting, it was resolved that some of our hard earned funds would be wisely directed to assist planned events being subsidised to ensure they are accessible for all. Class Reps will be in touch with families within classes to invite you all to gatherings off site that are aimed at reconnecting everyone, after what has been a trying time for many as we continue with the imposed Phase Four restrictions.

We look forward to seeing the photos from these happy celebrations and gatherings!  

Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable Catholic Schooling

Taking responsibility for the quality of our work

Preparations for the 2021 Pre- Kindergarten Class are a focus for this term- if your family, or a family you know of, is interested in access to the Pre Kindy programme for next year, (2021)  please make contact with the School Office- (places are limited). Interviews are currently being conducted, and we have been delighted to welcome some very excited and enthusiastic little people to become our “Little Hearts”!

School Board Information– Together with our school Bursar, Mrs Linda Robertson and our School Board Treasurer, Mr Michael Binetti, we remain focused on the monitoring of the 2020 School Budget, having recently completed the federal and state census documents, as our funding income is calculated in this way.

The School Board has formed a subcommittee, and it continues its work on developing a formalised marketing strategy.  We are also looking at promoting our school, in a targeted effort to attract and sustain our enrolments. This week will see the first of our initial actions in this area, with print media campaigns that aim to highlight our school, its surroundings, resources and affordability,  in what is a competitive environment. I thank all involved in preparing this action and combined with a School Open Day next term, we look forward to the positive promotion of Sacred Heart, and its prominence as a school of choice.


A Catholic School of Excellence

An effective community developing students as whole Christian persons

Sacred Heart Primary School Code of Conduct

In previous weeks we have looked at some of the statements in the Sacred Heart Primary School Code of Conduct.  The Code is applicable to all members of our school community including, staff, students, parents, guardians, carers, visitors and volunteers. This week we highlight specific behaviours that will meet Statement Four of the Code of Conduct, which is that:-
 ‘You conduct yourself in accordance with laws, agreements, policies and standards relevant to your relationship with the school community.’

Our relationship with other members of the school community is defined by whatever written or verbal agreement has given rise to that relationship.

  • If you are a member of staff, it is your employment agreement.
  • If you are a parent or acting in a parental capacity, it is the student’s enrolment agreement.
  • If you are a member of the School Board, it is our School Board Constitution.
  • If you are a visitor, it is in accordance with the permission of the Principal to be on school grounds on condition that you act safely and competently.

If we witness the unlawful or unsafe conduct of any other member of the school community, or breaches of policy or this Code, whether in teaching, administration, school support services, or while engaging with students in person or via digital or other media, we have both a responsibility and an obligation, to notify such conduct to the Principal or an appropriate authority, and to take other action as necessary to protect students.

In closing, can I acknowledge the wonderful efforts that so many of our parents and staff continue with. Our boys and girls enjoy a level of nurture and support that is assisting in their development as very special young people, focused on reaching their God given potential. Well done everyone!

Enjoy a happy and restful weekend together!


Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817