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Principal News Term 3, Week 2

Welcome to our second week of our new term together- I’m sure the recent July holiday period was a lovely chance for families to enjoy time together, as we embark on the second half of our academic year. This week has been one that has provided us with some welcome winter sunshine, but the children remain warm and snug in their Winter Uniforms, and are keeping active during our lunch and recess breaks! Please remember that red school jumpers and sports tracksuit tops must accompany children to school every day- many of these items are making their way to the lost property box- if you are missing things, please direct your children to peruse this area for any of your missing labelled items, including lunch containers and water bottles. 

Christ-Centred Leadership

Leadership that is inclusive, flexible and responsive

The coming weeks will see me, together with the Assistant Principals having to participate in some exciting professional learning at a CEWA system level- when we attend the regionally clustered Leaders Forum were together with leaders and Leadership Teams from our surrounding CEWA schools, we will be provided with further information pertinent to the successful operation of CEWA Pty Ltd,  including specific delegations of authority and School Board matters,  as well as outlines of the CEWA Strategic Directions, all aimed at ensuring our system’s commitment to a Vision for Learning,  continues. We will also be provided with information to be shared with all in the School Community regarding the next WA state election, scheduled for March 2021. Our Catholic schools are vitally important to WA communities, and at the same time, are heavily dependent on a strong working relationship between the Catholic education sector and government, both WA and federal. The three issues identified as priorities for our system as a whole are- capital funding, psychology funding,  and COVID-19 relief support.

Please see further information here regarding these priorities  

A Catholic Pastoral Community

The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents

Next week’s P and F Meeting on Wednesday at 6.30pm, will see the first of a return to meetings following the necessary shut down of such gatherings earlier in the year as together, our school community negotiated the Covid-19 restrictions that were imposed. We are calling for RSVPs to ensure we can adequately prepare to host a meeting in an appropriate room, or if necessary, the Hall, thus enabling a safe and distanced environ for all. Please join us as we discuss proposals for future school support

In the background of a restricted school community that has not been able to mingle and socialise as we would normally, I am ever grateful to the energetic and focused Class Reps who have made efforts to co-ordinate recent outside gathering for parents and children, to ensure connectedness and opportunity to socialise safely.

The conclusion of the recent Parent Teacher Interviews has seen families able to reach out to teachers to discuss their children’s Semester One Report, learning and social progress and also receive the semester one Work sample Folders. Thank you to everyone for their support of these valuable opportunities that allow accomplishments to be acknowledged, and goals for the coming semester to be set.

Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable Catholic Schooling

Taking responsibility for the quality of our work

As most families have completed their obligations to nominate their payment plans for the 2020 School Fees, I’m grateful to them for their commitments and also, any recent payments they’ve made towards their 2020 School and Tuition Fees. Individuals who are yet to have responded will be contacted personally.

Just prior to the July holidays, the School Board focused on the 2020 Mid Year Budget Review, when expected expenditure and income is calculated for the remainder of the year. As always, the anticipated sources of income for all schools is vital to our operation, and I remind parents of the need to attend to the most recent School Fees statements that were issued prior to the recent July holidays.

This year has seen the School Board focus on the formation of a sub-committee, with co-opted members who are charged with work on the development of a Marketing and Promotions Strategy for Sacred Heart, as we remain committed to sustaining enrolments and a strong future focus for our wonderful school. I acknowledge the hours of service, and the creativity that these subcommittee members have brought to the table, and throughout August and September, our school will embark on a formalised print advertising campaign, to remind families of the unique opportunities that our school is able to provide, in what remains a demanding and competitive environment, all the while, presenting a curriculum that is faith-filled and affordable.

I will also keep the school community informed about additional extra-curricular opportunities that we hope to provide, including Music Rocks as an after school, weekly class here in the School Hall commencing very soon.

Click here for further details of Music Rocks

Having concluded our 2021 Kindergarten Enrolment Interviews, we anticipate a happy and vibrant class of 30 students for next year. Sacred Heart Primary School will continue to also offer a Pre Kindy (Three-Year-old) Class in 2021. In the coming weeks, we will conduct the 2021 Pre Kindergarten Interviews.

Three-year-old education programs operate at schools as part of an education course. A Catholic three-year-old program provides a rich learning environment that caters for children’s development across the physical, cognitive, language, social, emotional and spiritual domains. Learning occurs through planned and spontaneous play experiences that are based on the strengths, interests and needs of each child. Each child participating in a three-year-old program in a Catholic school is encouraged to develop a positive self-image of themselves and others as they begin to live the gospel message.

The program is provided to the children on a sessional basis. This means children will only attend for some portion of the week.  It is anticipated that classes will again, run on two mornings each week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00am until 11.30am. All children must have turned three years of age before they can commence. 

The program is an introduction to the school community for children and their families and sets the foundation for future school learning. School readiness is promoted, as children develop self-help skills, independence and self-efficacy. Sacred Heart Primary School uses the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to guide the development and delivery of the programme, which also responds to the needs of our local school community.

Parents of siblings and those in the wider Parish community who are seeking a position for 2021 are encouraged to contact the School Office and submit their downloadable Enrolment Forms. Places are strictly limited for our “Little Hearts” Pre Kindy Class.

A Catholic School of Excellence

An effective community developing students as whole Christian persons

We look forward to the celebration of the Sacrament of Eucharist later this, and next Sunday afternoons, for our current Year Four students, and we are also happily able to support this Sacrament for children from within the parish,  who are no longer Sacred Heart Primary School students. Last week saw the Parent-Child Workshop being undertaken within the School Hall, and on Friday, the children completed their Eucharist Retreat. Please enjoy some photos that capture the children’s hard work, finished products and joy during these occasions. I commend our staff, Mrs Amanda Saraceni and Ms Renee Byrne-King for their dedication and giftedness in assisting the children at this special time.

Sacramental preparations remain Family-focused, Parish centred and School supported.

We will also remember next month, on 8th August and the 15th August, the celebrations of the Feast of Australia’s saint, St Mary of the Cross, and the Feast of the Assumption of Mary,  respectively.

Mary Mackillop

Mary MacKillop was born of Scottish parents on January 15, 1842, in Fitzroy, Melbourne and died in Sydney on 8th August 1909.  Mary was the eldest of 8 children.  The early years of her life were turbulent.  Her father was unable to keep employment and her family endured hardship as she grew up.  Mary experienced what it was like to be poor.  From her teenage years, Mary had a special love for those in need.  She worked as a governess, and after-hours went to rural workers’ huts and to Aborigines to teach their children basic literacy and numeracy.  In time, together with Fr Julian Tenison Woods, she founded the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart, providing education and assistance for the needy, especially in rural areas.

She took the religious name of Mary of the Cross.  Responding to the isolation of colonial families, she pioneered a new form of religious life to provide education for their children.  She and her sisters shared life the life of the poor and the itinerant, offering special care to destitute women and children.  She is remembered for her eagerness to discover God’s will in all things, for her charity in the face of calumny, and for her abiding trust in God’s providence.

In closing, can I say thank everyone for their continued efforts to prepare the children for new learning, and your commitment to working hard in our wonderful school.  I look forward to more accomplishments for all this term, as we continue to “Strive for Excellence!”

I would also like to acknowledge the hard work of all to remain focused on learning and extra practice and training. Despite the winter weather and associated chills and colds, many of our boys and girls are approaching their nightly reading and homework with a consistent effort, and have also approached their Choir Practice sessions and the Athletics training very positively- Congratulations boys and girls!

Could I also ask for your continued prayers and thoughts for Mrs Rosie Stewart and her family, as they contend with the current illness of her father.


Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


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