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Welcome to Week Five of Term Two.

Welcome to our seventh week together in this, our second term.

Being Friday today, I enjoy the privilege of presenting Merit Certificates to selected children in classes, and the virtual Assembly that our Year Six senior leaders are so adept at constructing is being enjoyed by all! Congratulations to this week’s Award winners- let’s hope for continued recognition of outstanding efforts and achievements.

Ms Byrne-King has made a link to the Assembly available to all- please enjoy!

Thank you to the parents and grandparents who have expressed their gratitude and support for our teachers’ and education assistants’ extra care and support that is being extended at drop off and pick up times- the efficiency with which our staff enable our boys and girls to commence and conclude their school day (even in heavy rain) is very much appreciated, and is ensuring a productive and smooth day of learning for all!

This week’s wintery showers and cold weather brings a reminder about the need to stay warm at school- red jumpers and tracksuit tops are not optional items, and must accompany all children to school each day. The Sacred Heart Winter jacket is the only extra layer of warmth that is permitted for outdoor wear at school. Orders for these can be placed through the School Office. Our boys and girls continue to look smart and well groomed in their Winter Uniform. We had communicated to all families that during this return to school after the Remote Learning period, there may have been difficulty in accessing Winter Uniform items after Term One. This saw a leniency extended to all, as time was needed to access correct winter items from our Uniform Shop Co-ordinator directly.

Please remember that the Uniform Shop is not currently able to operate here at the school, but items that are needed are able to be ordered and collected via the Co-ordinator directly.

Mrs Vilma Spence…. Phone 9271 4479 .

In earlier editions of the School Newsletter, I wrote reminding all parents of their commitment to adhering to School Policy. This commitment is formalised as part of the enrolment process at Sacred Heart.

“It has been very pleasing to see many of our boys and girls wearing their School and Sports uniforms with pride in this early part of the term. Students are expected to be correctly attired in full school uniform at school, and whilst travelling to and from school. Uniforms must be clean, well pressed and in good condition, and school shoes are expected to be polished.  Our founding Sisters were determined to provide a school uniform, as this instils a sense of pride in boys and girls, fosters equality, and ensures our students are readily identifiable as belonging to Sacred Heart.

Unfortunately, it appears that a significant number of families have opted to provide their children with incorrect black school shoes and brown school sandals. The school’s Uniform Policy is very clear about all students’ school shoes being black leather lace ups, and not buckle and velcro styles, and sandals are to be school sandals, and not tan fashion styles. Parents are reminded to adhere to the School’s policy. If incorrect items have been purchased, these will need to be now replaced with the correct items- thus ensuring fairness to all. In the event that a medical condition may dictate any variation to any of the school uniform items, parents are asked to schedule an appointment with the School Principal, as a matter of courtesy and urgency, to discuss this situation.  Parents are asked to provide any supporting documentation at such a meeting.” 

Thank you to the parents who have responded positively to reminders about ensuring children are wearing their correct uniform items. Please familiarise yourself with the required details regarding uniform items and necessary grooming details. In the event of an inability to provide a correct item, it is necessary for parents to communicate directly with me and your class teacher, outlining an explanation and the expected time to rectify the situation, or alternatively, a request for pastoral assistance to provide the necessary items.

Learning: Learning from our experiences

Over the next few weeks, I will enjoy the privilege of reading the modified Semester One Reports and I hope that as parents, you gain a greater insight of your child’s strengths, skills and achievements over this first Semester.  The Semester One reports are to be issued online on Friday 3rd July.

As parents,  you will receive your child’s Work Sample Folders in Week Three of next term – thus ensuring you will have the chance to explore achievements in each of the Learning Areas, and celebrate with your child, areas of positivity and also identify areas to continue to work on.

Parent Interviews will no longer need to be conducted via phone, and are scheduled for face to face meetings (but limited to just one parent) for parents of children in Years 3-6, during Week One of next term, and in Week Two of the term for parents of children in Years PP-2. Please ensure your booking is made as soon as the notification from your class teachers comes through- times slots and the availability of staff are strictly limited.

The Kindergarten Parent interviews have been conducted this week, and I thank parents for adhering to our requirements to only have one parent attend, and to ensure physical distancing and access to the Meeting Room has been through the School Office.

Engagement: The promotion of positive relationships with our students/staff/parents

The Parents and Friends Association is a hard-working body within our School, and both their fundraising, and community building and celebrating efforts, are planned to benefit all our children and their families.  We hope to return to hosting a P and F Association meeting in the last week of the term, ie Wednesday 1st July. Please watch this space.

Accountability: Taking responsibility for the quality of our work

Sacred Heart Primary School will continue to offer a Pre Kindy (Three Year old) Class, and Kindergarten (Four Year old) Class in 2021. In coming weeks, we hope to undertake the 2021 Pre Kindergarten and 2021 Kindergarten Interviews.

Parents of siblings, and those in the wider Parish community who are seeking a position in either of these classes for 2021, are encouraged to contact the School Office and submit their downloadable Enrolment Forms. Places are strictly limited to twenty students for our “Little Hearts” Pre Kindy Class, and thirty students in Kindergarten.

Discipleship: Living out the teachings of Jesus

Father Mark, Parish priest at Sacred Heart recommenced his contact with the school this week, visiting two classes to discuss some of the learnings about their sacramental preparations. Details about the celebrations of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Penance) and the Sacrament of First Holy Communion (Eucharist) will be communicated to families of children in Years Three and Four respectively, when they are finalised.

Celebrations next Friday for the very special Feast of the Sacred Heart are well underway- Please see further information from our Assistant Principals within today’s Newsletter.

In closing, can I thank everyone for their continued hard work to ensure the children are well nourished, well rested and well prepared for their learning!

Term Two continues to be full and busy and hard work and organisation is called for. Parents are reminded that during these cold, wintery days, a hot lunch is a welcome treat- there has, however, been some recent errors by parents when placing the necessary online orders to the canteen– please ensure you have allocated the correct class for your child (different from last year) and have ensured you’ve selected the correct day and month on your order- Please remember that the canteen does not operate on any Tuesday.

I look forward to sharing even more positive experiences for all, over the remaining weeks of this term, and ask that you welcome the new families who will be joining our school over coming weeks.

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire


Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817