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Welcome everyone to Week Five of our first term- reflecting with our staff this week, I have been reminded of the speed with which this term is progressing- it is hard to believe that we are already at the halfway mark of the term, and that the Autumn season is upon us. The recent cool change and showers have been very welcome! 

Changes in our weather and temperatures, traditionally bring along bouts of illness. Additionally, I’m sure I don’t need to remind all of the potential for the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) to affect us all. Accompanying today’s newsletter is a statement from Bishop Donald Sproxton regarding preventative measures that have been determined for immediate implementation in all parishes and schools for Mass celebrations, to minimise the spread of this virus.

This week, we have also seen some of our children presenting with stomach upsets and headaches. Please ensure your children are kept at home until they have recovered, (at least 24 hours), as the potential for these and any illnesses to spread at school is great. We have many in our school community, who have reduced immunity levels, and the potential for their health to be impacted by viruses is great- parents are reminded of their obligations to ensuring everyone’s health and safety. Please reinforce at home, the message of effective, frequent hand washing hygiene, and coughing into elbows, whilst minimising any physical contact with others.

Last week, we celebrated the commencement of Lent with our whole school Mass on Ash Wednesday. It was lovely for our boys and girls to be so well supported by our parents and parishioners. A special thank you to our Year Six students, for their preparations and service during this celebration. Ask your children about what is different in our church during this season, and what colour Father wears. I’m sure they will be happy to share their knowledge with you!

I chanced upon the following reflection some time ago, and in the context of trying to become more like Jesus during this Lenten period, it may be useful to us all, as we continue in our 2020 season of Lent – I hope you enjoy it!


LENT should be more than a time of fasting-
It should also be a joyous season of feasting
LENT is a time to fast from certain things and to feast on others.

It is a season in which we should:
Fast from judging others…feast on the Christ indwelling in them.
Fast from emphasis on differences…feast on the unity of all life.
Fast from thoughts on illness…feast on the healing power of God.
Fast from words that pollute…feast on phrases that purify.
Fast from worry…feast on trust.
Fast from discontent…feast on gratitude.
Fast from suspicion…feast on charitableness.
Fast from self-concern…feast on compassion for others.
Fast from anger…feast on patience.
Fast from pessimism….feast on optimism.
Fast from complaining…feast on appreciation.
Fast from hostility…feast on friendliness.
Fast from personal anxiety…feast on the power of God.
Fast from idle gossip…..feast on silence or find a word of praise.
Fast from shadows of sorrow…feast on Christ’s glorious Resurrection.
Fast from unrelenting pressures…feast on unceasing prayer.
Fast from problems that overwhelm…feast on prayer and confidence in God’s help


Education – Catholic Schools of Excellence (CEWA Strategic Directions 2019- 2021)

A wonderful day for our students in Years 3-6 was enjoyed last Tuesday as the 2020 Swimming Trials were conducted at Beatty Park. This is in preparation for next week’s 2020 Faction Swimming Carnival on Thursday 12th March from 10.00am.  Once again, this year will see Championships and Runners-up awarded to our swimmers, with children having the opportunity to gain points from events across all strokes.

A great day is promised for all, and the co-ordination of the Carnival by Miss Kate Witkowski is greatly appreciated. As a school, we are very grateful for the support we receive from the many parents who have offered their services this year at the Carnival, the Trials and our very well supported before school Friday Training sessions.

Parents are reminded that the Carnival is a compulsory school programme for the day, and that children will be placed into their distances, strokes or novelty swimming races (including kickboard and assisted events), as appropriate. The Year Six Sports Council members reminded everyone at Assembly, about the need to arrive at school promptly for the bus departure, to bring a packed recess and lunch, a water bottle and hat, wear bathers under their sports uniform, and bring along a towel, goggles and sun screen. Parents are reminded that they will not be permitted to access their children in the Faction Bays.

Learning continues in our classrooms and specialist areas, with our children having continued with their standardised assessments in Reading, Mathematics, Grammar and Punctuation, and the individual interviews focused on the skills of literacy and numeracy.  Together with other in-class work and assessments, these results will assist our teachers in preparing for both IEP and CAP Meetings in coming weeks, and the Term One Parent Interviews in Week Nine. The Term One Work Sample Folders that will also accompany children in Week Nine, will contribute to all parents’ understanding of their child’s progress and capabilities.

A special thank you to our class and specialist staff, for their work in preparing for our reporting, interviews and assessments. Once again this year, Sacred Heart will provide parents with the opportunity to book interview times online. 

This week, our senior class of Year Six students are exploring the challenges of community living, and personal development goals, as they participate in the 2020 Camp! I have been a regular drop by participant, and thoroughly enjoyed the Talent Show after a delicious dinner in the dining Hall last night- please enjoy some of our photos in today’s Newsletter. This coming Monday, in keeping with our commitment to exploring leadership skills, the Year Six students will venture to the city at the Perth Convention Centre, attending the 2020 Young Leaders Day- this event provides our students with exposure to prominent sporting, political, entertainment and health professional identities, who will share their experiences of leadership and influence. We look forward to their return, and their tales of reflection. Thank you to Ms Byrne-King and Mrs Wyre for their work in co-ordinating the class’s attendance at this event, and our very successful Camp at Ern Halliday in Hillarys.

Community – Catholic Pastoral Communities (CEWA Strategic Directions 2019- 2021)

Together with our school’s Social Worker, Ms Hilary Campos, we have prepared information and support materials for this year’s 2020 P and F Class Representatives,  in an effort to provide clear information about the role and its importance to ensuring our school is a place of welcome, and that the opportunity to share giftedness here is always present. Thank you to this year’s Class Reps who have volunteered/accepted the invitation for this year. The Class Rep packages will be forwarded to those who were not able to join us at recent P and F meetings.

Hilary hosted a light Morning Tea earlier this week, to outline her position and role here at Sacred Heart, and to gauge interest in support of the presentation of planned parenting workshops that Hilary is keen to facilitate this year- Additional sessions may be provided on a Wednesday evening in coming weeks if there is sufficient interest. Please see the regular Social Worker section of the newsletter for further information and, join us for a coffee after any of our Friday Assemblies if you’re available, to discuss our resilience programmes and other well being issues.

Plans continue for this year’s P and F Association events, and we look forward to further information being made available in the coming weeks. All of this year’s ventures will of course, be dependent on the level of participation and support we receive from our parent community, and I’m sure you will all be poised to contribute and work together to ensure we have much to celebrate and enjoy.

This week’s P and F meeting on Wednesday evening was very well attended and we welcome Mrs Lindsay Fletcher Hammond to the role of President for 2020, following the earlier resignation of Mr Gary Brown, after his many years of support for our Sacred Heart families.

Please see the attached flyer about our major event in May this year, the Ho’down Showdown!

The Parents and Friends Association Executive for 2020 is as follows:

President- Mrs Lindsay Fletcher-Hammond

Vice President- Mrs Natali Gregory

Treasurer- Ms Anita Pavic

Secretary- Mr Damian Lailey

Our 2020 Class Representatives are as follows:




Claire Giumelli


Francesca Parr


Adrian Fratelle


Georgia Cacares


Melissa Vinci


Amanda Morgan


Helen Lukey


Kelly Rimpas


Suzie Priolo


Lindsay Fletcher-Hammond


Anne Binetti


Clare McLean


Eugenie Pophillat


Helen McNally


Damian Lailey


Georgie Strain


Annmarie Baltov

Event Co-ordinators

Camila Machado

Event Co-ordinators

Georgia Cacares

Our Parents are encouraged to watch for contact from this year’s Class Reps, and avail themselves of the many opportunities to join with others for friend and fund raising.  Parents are reminded to return outstanding consent forms to enable the 2020 Parent Directory Lists to be compiled

Stewardship – Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable System of Schools (CEWA Strategic Directions 2019- 2021)

The work of the Sacred Heart School Board continues, with its particular focus on our financial management being an important part of this new school year. I remind all families that the School Board’s role is one of financial planning and management, and of an advisory nature to the review of school policy, and that any operational matters or queries are not the domain of elected School Board members. Parents are encouraged to bring matters of query or concern in the first instance, to their class teacher, and subsequently, to me, as the School’s Principal.

Our external financial audit is currently being undertaken and the preparation of the 2019 Annual Financial Statement (AFS), is being finalised. This month’s Board meeting on Wednesday 25th March will see this AFS examined and endorsed. Additionally, a sub committee for the review of marketing our school with a particular interest in both securing and maintaining enrolments, is scheduled to meet next week, and will report to the School Board over coming months. We are particularly grateful to those who have signalled their desire to assist the school with this work.

Most families have completed their obligations to nominate their payment plan for the 2020 School Fees, and I thank them for their commitments. Please ensure an appointment has been scheduled with me, to discuss any variations to fee structures, or any circumstances that have the potential to impact on your family’s obligation to meet your 2020 School Fees.

Catholic Identity – Inspiring Christ centred Leaders (CEWA Strategic Directions 2019- 2021)

The journey around preparing for the Sacrament of Penance, to be celebrated on Thursday 26th  March in the Church at 6.00pm continues.  Parents and children will come together for our Parent-child Workshop for the Sacrament of Penance, next Tuesday 10th March at 6.30pm in the evening, where we will explore what we can do to restore our relationship with Jesus, when actions we have taken, or omitted to take, have broken that special relationship.

Father Mark is preparing the celebration of the second rite of the Sacrament, and it is hoped that this will be a night of positive memories, with our parents presenting their child to a priest, signifying the very special role the parish plays in the faith formation of our children, on the open Sanctuary.

Our Lenten journey continues, and I know that our Kindy children have a very tangible connection to this Church season, in their exploration of the life cycle of the butterfly – the real caterpillars, their cocoons and hatching butterflies in the Kindy over the next few weeks,  remind us all of the changes that we are all going through, in our quest to become more like Jesus during these forty days. How will you and your family emerge at Easter?

I was delighted to hear yet again at Assembly last week from the Pastoral Care Council members, as they reminded us of how our donations to Project Compassion, (Caritas) go to helping and supporting many children in different countries. Please keep the contributions coming to your family Project compassion boxes.

In closing, can I ask for continued prayers during our Lenten season, as we acknowledge a world filled with people less fortunate than we are.

As parents, the best teachings for our children, are grounded in our actions- what conversations are happening in your family about commitments to Lenten promises?

Enjoy God’s blessings over this coming weekend!

Many thanks and God Bless

Mrs Tanya McGuire




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