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When Parents/Carers/Guardians are Separated

In the instance where parents/carers/guardians are separated, it is important to note that, unless a formal court order is provided to the school or the school is provided with a written mutually agreeable repayment arrangement signed and dated by both parties, parties detailed on the original enrolment application will remain jointly and severally liable for the school fees and charges until such time as they are paid in full.  All parties will continue to be invoiced.

Should either parent/carer/guardian be entitled to a Health Care Card/Pensioner Card discount, this discount will be applied pro-rata (i.e only 50% of the applicable fees will attract the discount).

Mrs Linda Robertson (School Finance Officer)

Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817

Newsletter 14th June 2019 Term 2, Week 7