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Finance and Governance

Annual Financial Statements

Annual Financial Statements, including 2020 Fees and Charges as well as any other previous outstanding charges, were emailed to all families/carers/guardians during the week commencing 10/02/2020.  Statements are only emailed to one parent/carer/guardian and in most instances this would be the mother (unless otherwise advised to the office) or in the instance where families are separated.  Should you not have received any email containing the Annual Fee Statement please could you advise Linda Robertson at immediately to ensure that you are emailed a copy of the Statement. 

All information pertaining to your account, along with your payment options which are detailed after the fee statement section, is included on this statement. Every family is required to complete and submit a new Payment Option form each year. Payment arrangements carried over from last year are not automatically adjusted to allow for any increase / decrease in fees. It is a school requirement to complete the payment option form to ensure the correct number of instalments, at the correct payment amount, are being made in order for your fees to be paid by 20 November 2020.

Should you not have returned your payment commitment form, please could you do so to ensure that your fees are paid in a timely manner to suit your needs.

Mrs Linda Robertson
(School Finance Officer)

Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817