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Engaging Hearts and Minds at Sacred Heart: Term Three Social Skills

Resolving Conflicts

For the social skill – ‘Resolving Conflicts’, the Year Five students became the teachers and taught the Year One’s what the words ‘resolving’ and conflict’ meant. They then demonstrated through role play several different scenarios showing the younger students how to successfully and easily resolve conflicts. Afterwards, the students broke into smaller groups and talked to each other about times that they may have needed to resolve an issue.

Thanks for being great leaders and role-models Year Five

National Science Week

This week our school celebrated National Science Week.  This year’s theme was: Destination Moon: more missions, more Science. To our students’ surprise, a crew of astronauts landed this week at Sacred Heart to help celebrate this important week in Science Education, which coincides with the 50th year anniversary of the first moon landing. Throughout the week, the students participated in various hands-on Science activities with Mrs Perlini about the moon and space. The staff enjoyed a Science Morning tea with some delicious NASA cupcakes. You can discover more about National Science Week here:

In addition, the Perth Science Festival, a free event, is taking place on Saturday 24th August – Sunday 25th August. This will be a great way to celebrate science as a family. Details are below:


The Perth Science Festival is back for another year! Experience more than 50 hands-on activities, explosive shows, roving performers, native animals, competitions and more.

When:             Saturday, 24th August 2019 till Sunday, 25th August 2019 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where:            Claremont Showgrounds Robinson Pavilion (1 Graylands Road, Claremont)
Topic:              Environment and nature, Health and medical, Space and astronomy, Innovation and technology
Cost:               All tickets $10. Children under 4 free. Companions accompanying another with a valid companion card are free.

The festival features more than 50 stallholders from various STEM organisations running interactive activities across the entire weekend. Organisations include tertiary institutions, government departments, small businesses, not-for-profits, charities and more!

The festival features a diverse range of fields, covering more than 10 different areas of STEM. It also includes activities that target a range of ages from little scientists corner for young children, to gaming technology for youth, and resource management and sustainability for adults.

Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On Thursday we celebrated the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at a whole-school mass taking in the Sacred Heart Church.  The Feast of the Assumption commemorates the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the physical elevation of her body into Heaven. This mass was prepared beautifully by Mrs Taylor and the Year 1 students and was led by our Parish Priest, Fr Mark. Thank you also to the families for their involvement and attendance.   

Year 5 Assembly

Today, the Year Fives performed an amazing play called The Greedy Triangle. The story explained that you should appreciate what you have and long less for the things you want, whilst throwing in a little about shapes and their sides and angles. It was an awesome performance – very well rounded! 

Congratulations, Year Five, for an excellent performance!

Book Week 2019

Each year across Australia, The Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) brings children and books together celebrating CBCA Children’s Book Week. The 2019 theme for this week, is: My Secret Power

On Friday of Book Week, our students are invited to come dressed to school as their favourite book character for a special Book Week Parade, to celebrate this year’s theme, which will take place at 9.00 am in the School Hall. Following the parade, students will participate in a special book-sharing session with their class buddies. Throughout Book Week, teachers will share the short-listed books with their students and conduct activities relating to this year’s theme to highlight the importance of reading. On Thursday, our students will enjoy a special Book Week Incursion presented by Perform Education. You can support Book Week by reading and sharing books with your child at home, which support the theme – My Secret Power.


School and Drive-Through Safety

We are noticing an increasing number of students and siblings exiting the school unsafely. At the end of the school day students may be excited, distracted and tired and may not concentrate on road safety. Given their young age, students may also be unable to predict or identify dangers and tend to act impulsively. We ask that parents picking up their children to please carefully supervise them and discuss the importance of road awareness.  We encourage parents to talk with their children about safe behaviour on the footpath – it is not a safe place to play or run. We ask you to please include discussion on the dangers of vehicles that may be entering or exiting school driveways and teach them how to stop and check for vehicles before crossing.

Until your child is at least eight years old, please hold their hand:

  • on the footpath leaving the school grounds
  • in the car park and;
  • when crossing the road.

Up until at least 10 years old, it is necessary to supervise your child very closely, holding their hand when crossing the road.

Talk with your children about Stop, Look, Listen and Think every time they cross the road leaving school.

  • STOP ! one step back from the kerb.
  • LOOK ! for traffic to your right, left and right again.
  • LISTEN ! for the sounds of approaching traffic.
  • THINK ! whether it is safe to cross.

We thank you for your support with the above as we continue to keep our students’ safety a priority, especially at this extremely busy time of the day. We would be very happy to address any concerns or questions.


Playground and Oval Reminder

A reminder that the school oval and playgrounds (both Naturescape and oval playground) at Sacred Heart are not to be played on before or after school. As there is no Staff Supervision, all students and siblings are asked to refrain from accessing the school oval and playground at these times. This action is for the safety of all children here at Sacred Heart. We ask that all parents supervise their children at all times to ensure that this school rule is adhered to each day, as we are noticing that there are a good number of students still accessing the playgrounds at these times (in the presence of parents). We thank all Parents for their diligence with this matter.


Healthy Breathing for Healthy Children Workshop (for parents)

We encourage parents to register for the upcoming Breathing Workshop. In this workshop, parents will learn how breathing well can help in all aspects of a healthy mind and a healthy body. This knowledge can assist parents in understanding how healthy breathing can help with children’s learning, sleep, behaviour, anxiety, asthma, growth, posture, movement and life!

Details for this important workshop and how to register can be found below:


Canteen News School Lunch Online – Parent Brochure

Antoinette and Belinda are happy to announce that an online order system will be available for the Sacred Heart canteen as of Monday 26th August!  Please visit to register and see the attached flyer for further information.  If you prefer, we are still happy to do the brown paper bag cash system and if you would like to know how much money you have remaining in your account please text or call Antoinette on 0419047957.

School Lunch Online – Parent Brochure

Sport News

Welcome to athletics season! Sacred Heart Jumps and Throws Day will be held on Thursday 5th September and Sacred Heart Faction Athletics Carnival will be on Tuesday 10th September. In preparation for our upcoming Faction Athletics Carnival and Interschool Athletics Carnival, Year Three to Year Six students are invited to attend athletics training. Jumps and throws training will start at 7:45am on Monday mornings and sprint training will start at 3:00pm on Monday afternoons.

Miss Kate Witkowski
Physical Education Teacher

Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Carolyn Perlini (Assistant Principals)


Sacred Heart Primary School


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(08) 9328 8817