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Assistant Principals’ and School News

A Prayer for Fathers

We hope that all of our Sacred Heart Dads had a great Father’s Day last Sunday. This day has become a day not to only honour our fathers, but all who act as a father figure. At this special time of the year, we pause to give thanks for our dads, uncles, grandfathers and other special males in our lives.

God, we ask for Your blessing on all those here, and in our hearts, whom you have entrusted fatherhood.

May your Holy Spirit constantly inspire them with justice and mercy, wisdom and strength, patience and self-giving love. May they receive Your grace abundantly, and may they come to experience You through the care and love they give to us. 



School Photos

Sacred Heart’s school photo day for 2020 went very well. We thank parents for being organised with the photo envelopes, the teachers for being flexible with changes to their programmed learning and to Hendriks Photography for their professional manner in which they conducted the photos and engaged with the students and staff throughout the day. We look forward to receiving our photos early in Term 4, if not before.


Socktober at Sacred Heart : Friday 16th October

Socktober is an initiative of the Catholic Mission that aims to ‘sock it to poverty’ to help some of the most needy and vulnerable children in the world have better opportunities in life and a hope-filled future. Sacred Heart’s Pastoral Care Council has organised Crazy Sock Day for Friday 16th October, to raise funds for the Catholic Mission. Students are invited to wear their CRAZIEST socks and bring a gold coin donation.


Kindy and Pre Primary Sports Carnival *SAVE THE DATE*

The Kindy and Pre-Primary Sports Carnival will take place on Friday 6th November on the School Oval from 9.30am – 12.30pm. Parents are welcome to attend (following hand-sanitising and adhering to social distance requirements).  Details about this carnival will be provided by Miss W soon. It is sure to be a great day!



Parents please be cautious when selecting the order DATE when placing your child’s recess/lunch order.


Uniform Shop

Vilma Spence is available for any uniform requirements, please call 9271 4479.

Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Carolyn Perlini (Assistant Principals)


Finance News

School Fees and Charges

A friendly reminder to families who opted to pay their School Fees in 3 instalments – your final instalment will be due on the 18/09/2020.

For families that have not yet commenced any repayments, please could you endeavour to do so to or contact Linda Robertson to discuss a suitable payment plan.

Mrs Linda Robertson – Finance Officer


Sport News

Faction Athletics Carnival

This year, our Faction Carnival was incredibly special because it was the first time in a long time that our Sacred Heart community have come together. The carnival comprised of two days, a Field Day and a Track Day. The points earned across both days were added together. In the end, after a close fought battle, Hewitt was our winning faction for 2020! It was wonderful to see all of the children trying their best to earn points for their faction, especially those children who battled on through adversity. All of the students from Years One to Six must be congratulated on their efforts, teamwork and support. A special mention must go out to Henley who, through their cheering and sportsmanship, earned the Spirit Award for 2020.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Hewitt Taylor Henley Lee
1154 1034 976 974


Congratulations to our Champion Boys and Girls from Years Three to Six.


  Champion Runner Up
Year 3 Boys Leo Caceres Jack Doggen
Year 3 Girls Audrina Marchesi-Nemeth Chloii Tinelli
Year 4 Boys Ethan Kingsbury Nate D’Costa
Year 4 Girls Zya Ollandezos Lily Grondal
Year 5 Boys Atlas Schapper Seth Burata
Year 5 Girls Lucia Jonescu Jessica Boyes
Year 6 Boys Akira Crampton Denzel Wibowo
Year 6 Girls Amelia Grondal Chiara Del Marco

Congratulations to Atlas Schapper, the new record holder for Year 5 Boys Long Jump.

  Record Holder Year Distance
Year 3 Boys Long Throw Samuel Keys 2018 30.86m
Year 3 Girls Long Throw Chloe Spanjich 2018 16.50m
Year 3 Boys Long Jump Samuel Keys 2018 3.97m
Year 3 Girls Long Jump Lucia Jonescu 2018 3.25m
Year 4 Boys Long Throw Dane Thomson 2018 29.74m
Year 4 Girls Long Throw Ruby Van Vliet 2018 21.45m
Year 4 Boys Long Jump Dane Thomson 2018 3.53m
Year 4 Girls Long Jump Amelia Grondal 2018 3.68m
Year 5 Boys Turbo Javelin Dane Thomson 2019 18.32m
Year 5 Girls Turbo Javelin Amy Murphy 2019 15.76m
Year 5 Boys Long Jump Atlas Schapper 2020 3.64m
Year 5 Girls Long Jump Isla Baptista 2018 3.83m
Year 6 Boys Turbo Javelin Luke Nillsen 2019 18.73m
Year 6 Girls Turbo Javelin Isla Baptista 2019 20.86m
Year 6 Boys Long Jump Lachlan Brown 2018 3.94m
Year 6 Girls Long Jump Lucia Grondal 2018 3.90m

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents and teachers who helped throughout the day. Without your support, the day would not have run so smoothly.

Interschool Athletics Carnival

Selected students will compete in the Interschool Athletics Carnival, held on Thursday September 24 at the WA Athletics Stadium. The Sacred Heart Interschool Athletics Team will be announced at Friday’s assembly. Further information and a consent form will be released to the selected students.

Please note that students in the Athletics Team are expected to attend athletics training. See below for the schedule of athletic training sessions. Students are to wear their sports uniform on these dates.

  • Monday September 14- 8:00am, throws and jumps training, on school oval
  • Monday September 14- 3:00-4:30pm- athletics training, at WA Athletics Stadium
  • Thursday September 17- during school- athletics training, on school oval
  • Monday September 21- 8:00am, throws and jumps training, on school oval
  • Monday September 21- 3:05-3:35pm, sprint training, on school oval


Cross Country Carnival

The Sacred Heart Cross Country Carnival, for students in Years Three to Six, will take place on Thursday October 15 at Hyde Park. Students will begin long distance running training during the Tuesday Physical Education lessons in Week 9 and Week 10; September 15 and 22. Children will be walked to Hyde Park by Sacred Heart staff members so that they can become familiar with the track. Further information and a consent form will be distributed to students. If parents are able to assist with the cross-country lessons at Hyde Park on September 15 and 22 or the Carnival on October 15, please email me at

It is encouraged that families continue the cross-country training over the school holidays so that students are ready for the Carnival in Week 1.

The Interschool Cross Country Carnival will be held on Monday October 26 at Dianella Reserve.

Miss Kate Witkowski (Physical Education Teacher)


Social Worker News


Thursday 10th September is RUOK day.  See below the wealth of information, advice and support available to help all of us to reach out and notice each other. The resources include video clips that you can share with your children to share the message and how to access help. Find also, ways of reaching out to colleagues at work and those in your community.  Most importantly, don’t forget to take care of yourself.  If you are not feeling ok in any way, take the next step let someone know.  Contact our emergency services, see below in the RUOK link for details. You matter.

This is a great time to review with your child who are their “Network People” those safe adults who will listen, believe, are nearby and will do something to help.  We all need network people, so let’s all review our networks.   A few words spoken with heart can convey that we care and that the person matters.  Something as simple as this can change a life.


Parish News

The Sacred Heart Parish will begin its RCIA program in a few weeks time. If you haven’t received all the Sacraments of Initiation or you know someone who is interested in becoming Catholic I invite you to join our program. The sessions are also open to Catholics who would like to know more about their faith. Please register your interest by emailing the parish or writing your details on the form in the Church foyer.

Father Mark

Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817