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Project Compassion’s Feature Stories for Week 3 and 4

Father of four,Barry, embodies resilience and strength. Growing up in a tough environment, making mistakes and struggling as a young father, he had to look inside himself to make the right choices for him and his family. Thankfully, Barry and others like him, were able to take part in Red Dust Healing – a cultural healing program, which encourages participants to examine their own personal hurt and allows them to heal from within. A 2018 evaluation of the program demonstrated that it improved participants’ ability to express deep-seated emotions, to make better choices and consequently changes in their lives. Find out more about Barry

Sakun, 32, is a Gond indigenous woman living in a village in central-east India. She developed polio as a child and has difficulty walking. Until now, she has been isolated in her community, unable to earn a living and with no knowledge of support schemes that could help her. With Caritas Australia’s help, she learned how to access the disability support she’s entitled to and has set up her own thriving business. Her income is growing, along with her confidence. Sakun now participates in village decision-making, her progress motivating other community members to reach for their goals.

Find out More about Sakan

Parent-Teacher Interviews: Pre-Primary to Year 6

The Pre-Primary to Year 6 Parent-Teacher Interviews have been postponed for the moment. The school will meet with parents at a more convenient time, when social distancing due to Covid-19 is not an issue. We will keep you updated on when the interviews will take place. Thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.

Technologies Tips for Parents- Common Sense Website

You don’t have to be an expert on texting, Instagram, Minecraft — or whatever else your kids are into — to have The Talk. Start by reading up on what’s going on in your kids’ world (for younger kids and older kids). Ask them to show you what they like online, and why. Make sure to listen 🙂 Then, express a few basic expectations, with the understanding that this isn’t a one-and-done kind of chat. Good luck (you’ll be fine)!

Here are the 5 basics to cover during The Talk:

Be kind. Try to instil a sense of empathy in your kids. Remember: there’s someone else on the other side of the screen. 

Younger kids: Treat others like you want to be treated and always follow a website’s rules for behaviour. Ask: How do you see other kids behaving online? What are some nice things you’ve seen other kids do? 

Older kids: Post constructive comments and avoid getting into flame wars with trolls.

Ask: What kind of positive behaviour do you see online?

Keep private things private. Talk about what’s OK for kids to share online and what’s not.

Younger kids: Get kids to think about safety without scaring them. Don’t share your name, address, school, age, etc. Ask: Why don’t we want strangers to know certain things about us or our family?

Older kids: Don’t broadcast your location, send photos to strangers, or share passwords with friends. Ask: What kind of information can be unsafe to share, and what’s fair game?

Don’t believe everything you see. Just because it’s online doesn’t make it true. Not everybody is who they say they are. 

Younger kids: Teach kids to be detectives. Ask: How can you tell whether something is true online? What are some signs that something might not be true?

Older kids: Use reputable sources. Learn to recognize red flags. Ask: How can you tell what’s a reliable source of information? What are some signs something’s a scam?

Don’t overshare. Think before you post. Use privacy settings.

Younger kids: Help kids understand what sharing something online means. Ask: Who can see what you’re doing or saying online?

Older kids: Encourage kids to pause before they act. Ask: What are some questions you can ask yourself before you share something online? Have you ever regretted something you’ve posted or said online?

Stand up for others. If someone’s getting bullied or picked on, speak up, report it, or reach out.

Younger kids: Make sure kids know they can come to you for help. Teach them how to flag misbehaviour. Ask: What would you do if you saw someone being mean online or in a game?

Older kids: Give kids tools to use in a crisis. Ask: If someone was being mean to you online, what would you want your friends to do? Do you know how to flag or report bullying on a social network or in a multiplayer game?

For more information on the common Sense Website- Common Sense Website

Resources for parents when talking to their children about the Coronavirus



If you would like to talk to your children about the virus, here are some useful resources:

  • How to talk to your kids about coronavirus

  • This is a comic for children explaining the coronavirus

  • A 4-minute animated clip for children on coronavirus

For the latest information on the virus, preventative measures, or what to do if you or your child become sick, please visit:

Whole School Social Skills: Moving Around the School Quietly


Playground Reminder

A reminder that the playgrounds at Sacred Heart are not to be played on before or after school. As there is ‘No Teacher Supervision’ for the playgrounds before and after school, all students and siblings are asked to refrain from accessing the playground at these times. This action is for the safety of all children here at Sacred Heart. We thank all Parents in advance for their diligence with this matter.

Canteen Reminder

When submitting online orders, please check the year level before submitting your order, as many students’ lunches are ending up in their last year’s year level basket. This can create some distress to students looking for their lunch. Thank you.

Uniform Shop

Students will be required to wear their full Winter Uniform at the commencement of Term 2. The 2020 Winter Uniform Order Form is available on the school website. Please contact Vilma Spence for any orders 9271-4479 or see school office staff.

Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Carolyn Perlini (Assistant Principals)


Social Work Corner




This meeting has been postponed until further notice

Hilary Campos
(School Social Worker)


Faction Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all the Year Three to Six students who swam for their faction in the 2020 Sacred Heart Swimming Carnival! Thank you to all students who tried their hardest in every event, who were gracious in defeat and victory and who cheered on all other swimmers. Thank you very much to the teachers and parent helpers who made the day run so smoothly. A particular congratulations must go to the individual champions in each year level and to Taylor Gold, who won the day by 3 points. It was a very exciting finish!

1st Taylor 1018
2nd Lee 1015
3rd Henley 835
4th Hewitt 762


  Champion Runner up
Year 6 Lyla Stewart Amy Murphy
James Koroll Anthony Versaci
Year 5 Jessica Boyes Anais Baptista
Hunter Dragojevich Atlas Schapper
Year 4 Madeleine Iwaniw Amelie Hogg
Deni Ransom James Nielsen
Year 3 Audrina Marchesi-Nemeth Giselle Ottobrino
Daniel Versaci Leo Caceres


Sport cancellations

As communicated previously, we will be cancelling the following sporting events/activities at Sacred Heart Primary School in the interest of all in our community:

  • Year 5 and 6 Summer Lightning Carnival (Tennis/Cricket)
  • Interschool Swimming Carnival
  • Swimming Training
  • AFL clinics run by WAFC and Notre Dame University in association with Fremantle Dockers
  • Girls Cricket Master Blast tournament has also been cancelled by WACA


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