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Assistant Principals’ and School News

Learning Journeys

Today, Sacred Heart will hold the Term 3 Learning Journeys, with many families visiting their children’s classrooms and the Specialist Rooms to view the work they have been doing this term and participate in engaging activities. We take this opportunity to thank all staff who have devoted many hours to ensure a memorable evening for their students and their families.


Confirmation Mass

Last Saturday, the Candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated this special Sacrament with their families and the Sacred Heart Parish. We would like to thank, the very reverend Fr Whitely, Fr Mark and Deacon Aaron Peters for leading the mass; Mrs Saraceni, Miss Steph Ryan and all of the Catholic Guy team for preparing a very memorable mass and celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Year Six students celebrated back at school with a special cake. Congratulations to all candidates! 

Library Book Return

As the school term draws to a close, we ask that all outstanding school library books are returned no later than Wednesday 25th October.   Please report any misplaced books. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Year 4 Convict Day and Assembly (I will email photos direct – this is only taking place tomorrow)

Today the Year 4 class had a great Historical day. Starting in the morning, they arrived by ship singing “Botany Bay”. They then told us some stories about Moondyne Joe from Fremantle Prison. After, they demonstrated their bush dancing skills to the song, “Click go the Shears”. But this was just the beginning of the day. The Year 4 Convicts, scrubbed the deck, made damper, played marbles and built shelters. They have lived a Day in the Life of a Convict. Thank you to Mrs Wyre, Mrs Adair and Mrs Hogan for a fantastic assembly and awesome Convict Day.

Attention Year Three Parents!

Year 3 parents are invited to attend a Technology Parent information Workshop on Wednesday, 16th October, at 6.00pm, in the current Year 4 classroom.  The information provided on the night will endeavour to assist parents in gaining more information about the required specifications of the MacBook device needed in Year 4, and the pedagogy used in implementing technology in the classroom. Mr Derek Stewart, our IT Specialist from Tech Tree, will walk parents through the technical aspects of the Laptop device, and will be available to ask any technical questions you may have. The Upper Cluster teachers will attend the workshop and answer any questions about the implementation of the MacBooks, in the classroom.


Kindergarten and Pre-Primary Sports Carnival Date

The Kindy and Pre-Primary Sports Carnival will take place in Term 4, Week 4 on Monday 4th November on the School Oval from 9.30am – 12.30pm. Parents are welcome to attend and cheer on all of our little athletes.


Canteen News School Lunch Online – Parent Brochure

Antoinette and Belinda are happy to announce that an online order system will be available for the Sacred Heart canteen as of Monday 26th August!  Please visit to register and see the attached flyer for further information.  If you prefer, we are still happy to do the brown paper bag cash system and if you would like to know how much money you have remaining in your account please text or call Antoinette on 0419047957.

School Lunch Online – Parent Brochure


Uniform Shop News

Children will be required to wear Summer Uniform at the commencement of Term 4.

Summer Uniforms are available from the Uniform Shop up until the last day of Term 3.

School trolley bags will be available in October. Please note the Uniform Shop will not be open the first week of Term 4, it will re-open on Friday, 25th October.


Sport News

This year our Faction Carnival comprised of two days, a Field Day and a Track Day. The points earned across both days were added together. In the end, after a close fought battle, Taylor was our winning faction for 2019! It was wonderful to see all of the children trying their best to earn points for their faction. All of the students from Year One to Year Six must be congratulated for their efforts, team work and cheering. A special mention must go out to Hewitt who, through their cheering and sportsmanship, earned the Spirit Award for 2019.


1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Taylor Hewitt Henley Lee
1187 1051 1022 1011


Congratulations to our Champion Boys and Girls from Years Three to Six.


  Champion Runner Up
Year 3 Boys Nate Cass Chess Alford
Year 3 Girls Isabella Nugent

Lily Grondal &

Zya Ollandezos

Year 4 Boys Atlas Schapper

Seth Burata &

Zane Padiyar

Year 4 Girls Lucia Jonescu Anais Baptista
Year 5 Boys Dane Thomson Akira Crampton
Year 5 Girls Chiara Del Marco Ruby Van Vliet
Year 6 Boys Blake Arnold Luke Nillsen
Year 6 Girls Isla Baptista Natalia Milic


Congratulations to our new record holders for the field events.

  Record Holder Year Distance
Year 3 Boys Long Throw Samuel Keys 2018 30.86m
Year 3 Girls Long Throw Chloe Spanjich 2018 16.50m
Year 3 Boys Long Jump Samuel Keys 2018 3.97m
Year 3 Girls Long Jump Lucia Jonescu 2018 3.25m
Year 4 Boys Long Throw Dane Thomson 2018 29.74m
Year 4 Girls Long Throw Ruby Van Vliet 2018 21.45m
Year 4 Boys Long Jump Dane Thomson 2018 3.53m
Year 4 Girls Long Jump Amelia Grondal 2018 3.68m
Year 5 Boys Turbo Javelin Dane Thomson 2019 18.32m
Year 5 Girls Turbo Javelin Amy Murphy 2019 15.76m
Year 5 Boys Long Jump Dane Thomson 2019 3.49m
Year 5 Girls Long Jump Isla Baptista 2018 3.83m
Year 6 Boys Turbo Javelin Luke Nillsen 2019 18.73m
Year 6 Girls Turbo Javelin Isla Baptista 2019 20.86m
Year 6 Boys Long Jump Lachlan Brown 2018 3.94m
Year 6 Girls Long Jump Lucia Grondal 2018 3.90m


I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents and teachers who helped throughout the day. Without your support the day would not have run so smoothly.


Interschool Athletics Carnival

Some of our athletes will compete in the Interschool Athletics Carnival. This will be held on Thursday, 26th September at the WA Athletics Stadium. The Sacred Heart Interschool Athletics Team will be finalised soon, and information will be given to the children who have been selected.

Miss Kate Witkowski (Physical Education Teacher)



Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Carolyn Perlini (Assistant Principals)


Sacred Heart Primary School


40 Mary Street, Highgate WA 6003
(08) 9328 8817

Newsletter 12th September 2019 Term 3, Week 8