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Engaging Hearts and Minds at Sacred Heart: Term Three Social Skills

Showing good sportsmanship

The Year Three students, together with their buddies in Kindy have been exploring what it means to be a Good Sportsman. Being a Good sportsman is one of the life lessons that students can learn from sport. We looked at understanding the value of good sportsmanship in our lives and the implications when we play sports. Whilst brainstorming, students spoke about the importance of respecting one’s opponent and being able to lose gracefully.  Some of the important principles discussed included –

  • If you lose, don’t make up excuses.
  • If you win, don’t rub it in.
  • Learn from mistakes and get back in the game.
  • Always do your best.
  • If someone else makes a mistake, remain encouraging and avoid criticizing.
  • Show respect for yourself, your team, and the officials of a game.


Year Six Confirmation Retreat

Last Wednesday, the Year 6 class, along with Mrs Saraceni, Mrs Perlini, Mrs McGuire and Father Mark, attended the Cathedral as part of a Retreat Day aimed at readying the candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The first part of the day was a spiritual reflection with a link to the Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit and some private journal writing. The students were then taken on a tour of the Cathedral, including the Crypt underneath the Cathedral itself and learnt of Archbishop Gibney’s association with the siege at Glenrowan and Ned Kelly himself! Following this, the students attended Mass at the Cathedral. The afternoon was spent working in groups and looking at events in the world and the impact they have on our lives.

Year Six Sacrament of Confirmation

The Sacred Heart Parish and School Community are looking forward to celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, 7th September, 6.00pm at the Sacred Heart Church. The Very Rev. Peter Whitely VG. will be celebrating this Mass with the parish and the candidates. Please keep the candidates in your prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Pre Primary Class Liturgy

On Wednesday, the 4th September, the Pre-Primary class will celebrate their class liturgy in the Sacred Heart Church, beginning at 9am. The liturgy will be celebrated with Fr Mark. The Junior Cluster students (Kindy to Year 2) will be in attendance. We welcome the Pre-Primary parents and all other members of our school community to attend this special celebration.


Father’s Day Breakfast

Book Week 2019

Last week we celebrated Book Week with a Big Dreams performance, the Book Fair, a parade and an awesome Secret Power activity with our buddy classes. The Big Dreams performance was about the Dream Snatcher and how we should use strategies to overcome our fears and one of those strategies is reading a book. The Book Fair was a great success and saw many of our students with their nose in a new book! A big thank you to Rollerskating DJ Southern for hosting the parade and also the students and their families for dressing up and making it an extravaganza to remember.  Finally, our week culminated in the Secret Power activity, where everyone became a superhero and displayed their secret power!

Book Week Competition Winners



Performing Arts Festival

The choir has been very busy this month. On Monday 19th August, choir students from Years 4-6 travelled to St Benedict’s in Applecross to attend the Sacred Choral Music section of the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival. The students sang beautifully and received a merit certificate for their efforts!

On Thursday 29th August, the choir, and the Year One class represented Sacred Heart Primary School, Highgate in the Primary Choral section at the Vasto Club in Balcatta. We were terrific! The choir impressed the crowd with all the names of the towns in ‘I’ve Been Everywhere’, whilst the Year One class wooed the audience with their sweet singing and a funny song called, ‘My Dad Snores’.

Thank you to the teachers who have supported the Performing Arts, especially Ms Byrne-King, Mrs Wyre, Mrs Taylor, and Miss Dinh for accompanying all the students.

We are truly lucky to have access to such a great forum to spread the joy of singing.

Thank you very much to all the parents and relatives who watched us. We are also very grateful to the mums and dads of the choir students who take their children to school early on Tuesday mornings. We would not have a choir without you!

Mrs Bek Hogan (Music Specialist) 

School Drop-Off/Pick-Up Safety

We thank parents for taking on board our safety advice pertaining to footpath use at drop-off/pick up time in the last newsletter (in particular, no running/playing on the footpath during these busy periods of the day). We wish to reiterate that this advice was issued with the intention of keeping your children safe whilst entering and exiting the school gates at drive-through during peak traffic times.

Please note: Unless an emergency, please do not phone the school office during school hours to put your child in drive-through, or email class teachers directly about this matter. Please understand that classroom teachers are not always able to check emails during the day due to their teaching commitments. Thank you for co-operation with this matter.


Homework Expectations

We would like to remind parents that the Sacred Heart Homework Policy, as communicated to all parents at the beginning of the year, sets out guidelines for completion of homework tasks. We encourage parents to inform the classroom teacher if your child is regularly unable to complete homework in the allocated time frame (as indicated below). Once the time limit is reached, homework time should cease regardless of whether the homework is completed or not. Should you have any concerns or queries regarding homework, please make contact with your child’s teacher.

Homework should: 

  • be purposeful, relevant and meaningful to the curriculum.
  • include tasks appropriate to the students’ level.
  • reinforce concepts and skills learned in class.
  • prepare students for upcoming lessons (e.g.,Flipped Learning Tasks).
  • provide opportunities for students to work independently and assume personal responsibility.
  • provide opportunities for students to develop organisational and time management skills.


Children should be able to cope with the following daily homework time periods.

  • Kindergarten: Read to by parent/guardian.
  • Pre-primary: Read to by parent/guardian.  10 minutes reading (Semester 2)
  • Years 1 – 2: 10-20 minutes (including daily reading)
  • Years 3 – 5: 30-40 minutes (including daily reading)
  • Year 6: 40- 50 minutes (including daily reading)


The Student’s Role: 

  • To complete homework neatly and to the best of his/her ability.
  • To work independently on tasks as required/where possible.
  • To meet deadlines.
  • To take responsibility for being organised.
  • To be able to negotiate homework extensions with the classroom teacher.


The Teacher’s Role:

  • Inform parents of homework expectations and their role at the Parent Information Evening at the beginning of the school year.
  • Provide homework suitable to their students’ abilities.
  • Provide clear, explicit guidelines to students about completing homework tasks.
  • Mark homework and provide timely and meaningful feedback to students and parents.
  • Sign reading log books and school diaries.
  • Keep a record of homework completed and not completed.
  • Teach time-management skills to students.
  • Support parents with strategies to help students complete homework.


The Parents’ Role: 

  • The homework area should be well-lit, quiet and clear of distractions.
  • Homework should be completed at a set time each day. Empower their child to plan his/her homework/study sessions in ways that suit them whilst acknowledging family routines and commitments. Assist their child to develop time-management and organisational skills.
  • Be involved – if they show that they value homework, their child will too.
  • Allow ‘wait time’ for answers. Always encourage and praise their child’s efforts.
  • When helping their child, help with the process, but avoid giving direct answers.
  • Parents should check and discuss their child’s homework, ensuring that their child has completed his/her homework to the best of his/her ability.
  • Check and sign their child’s school diary and reading log books.
  • Listen to reading. Read to their child regularly – this is important for modelling and enjoyment.
  • Allow for incidental learning opportunities – relate life to learning.
  • Give feedback to the class teacher/s if their child is experiencing difficulties with homework tasks.


Canteen News School Lunch Online – Parent Brochure

Antoinette and Belinda are happy to announce that an online order system will be available for the Sacred Heart canteen as of Monday 26th August!  Please visit to register and see the attached flyer for further information.  If you prefer, we are still happy to do the brown paper bag cash system and if you would like to know how much money you have remaining in your account please text or call Antoinette on 0419047957.

School Lunch Online – Parent Brochure

Sport News

Welcome to athletics season! Sacred Heart Jumps and Throws Day will be held on Thursday 5th September and Sacred Heart Faction Athletics Carnival will be on Tuesday 10th September. In preparation for our upcoming Faction Athletics Carnival and Interschool Athletics Carnival, Year Three to Year Six students are invited to attend athletics training. Jumps and throws training will start at 7:45am on Monday mornings and sprint training will start at 3:00pm on Monday afternoons.

Miss Kate Witkowski
Physical Education Teacher


Battery Bin

Dispose of your batteries at Sacred Heart!

The Sacred Heart School Community has been lucky enough to receive a battery bin from the Mindarie Regional Council. All Students and Parents are welcome to dispose of their batteries in the bin provided, in the hallway through to Reception. Please help us to keep our environment safe and clean. Thank you!

Message provided by the Year 6 Community Council.




Ms Renee Byrne-King and Mrs Carolyn Perlini (Assistant Principals)


Sacred Heart Primary School


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Newsletter 30th August 2019 Term 3, Week 6