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Enrolment Procedures & Processes

In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops require the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia (CECWA) to advance the Church’s purpose for Catholic schools, while embodying the Church’s preferential option for the poor and disadvantaged, by making available a Catholic school education for all Catholic children, insofar as this is possible (Mandate, 50).
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Sacred Heart School in Highgate is single stream catering from Pre-Kindergarten (3 year olds) to Year 6. Pre-Kindergarten entry does not guarantee enrolment into the school's 4 Year Old Kindergarten program. Normal enrolment procedure applies. Please contact the school directly about Pre Kindergarten places.
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Enrolment Application - Kindergarten to Year Six

Sacred Heart Catholic School seeks to further the mission of the Church. As required by the Bishops Mandate Letter to the Catholic Education Commission of WA Sacred Heart Catholic School will endeavour to make Catholic education available to all Catholic children, insofar as this is possible.
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Vevo Authority Form – applicants on a VISA only

In complying with the conditions of VEVO registration, the school is required to obtain written consent from the family prior to accessing VEVO information about them.
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School Fee Collection Procedure

Schools have a responsibility to communicate the financial constraints under which they operate to parents enrolling their children in Catholic schools. Parents are required to make a commitment to support Catholic education financially by paying fees.
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Parish Priest Reference

The Catholic Education Commission of WA Policy Statement on Student Enrolment requires the enrolling Principal to consult the parish priest. Completion of this form and presentation to the parish priest forms part of the enrolment process for Sacred Heart Primary School. Contact should be made with the parish secretary to find out the process for that parish.
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Data Collection Form

This information is being collected to enable nationally comparable reporting of students' outcomes against the National Goals for Schooling in the Twenty-First Century.
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Statutory Privacy Policy

As with all decisions concerning children, the best interests of the student are a primary and overriding consideration in the management of information. A student’s right to safety prevails above all other considerations, including theirs and others’ right to privacy.
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Privacy Collection Notice

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